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CPascalApril 7, 2011

Hello, I live in a 1905 Victorian home with a rounded turret. We have 9 turret windows that need to be replaced. The prior owner took out the original curved glass and sashes and replaced them with cheap, new white vinyl windows with flat glass. Not only do they look bad (flat glass on a rounded turret), but their performance is very poor and much of the vinyl hardware is broken. Buying custom fit curved glass is extremely expensive to the point that it's not an option for me. Does anyone have any suggestions on replacing these sashes in way that will improve both performance and appearance in a relatively cost effective way?

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I am repairing some rounded windows with arched tops for a customer right now.

So far only a few short pieces of muntin need to be made from scratch.
The rest is salvageable with filler (and some careful carving to match the old profiles).

You are correct that replacement is VERY expensive.
There is just not a large market for curved windows (other than flat with arched tops).

Since the original sashes are gone there are not really a lot of options except newer flat windows.

If there are any salvage yards in your area you might call them and see if you can purchase anything, or look for a similar house being torn down (or even getting new windows).

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Get your hands on a picture of the previous owner, some sewing pins, and some matches.

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"Get your hands on a picture of the previous owner, some sewing pins, and some matches."

An excellent suggestion.

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