mtnrdredux_gwJanuary 16, 2014

I am sorry, it just occurred to me today that I never posted a photo of the chair. Do you still want one, or did you get yours already?


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Thanks! We're at Disney this week, but haven't heard from S & L about delivery. I'd still love to see it but please don't drag them out of storage or anything to accommodate. Just hearing they were good quality helped ease my worry about buying something sight unseen. Even though they haven't even started framing the house, I feel the need to visualize everything in my mind. I just finished purchasing a set of 1940's twin beds off eBay for which DH will have to drive me 95 miles one way to pick up all the while reminding me, "Dee, they haven't even framed the house!" (That's how how I know for sure the house isn't framed yet: his reminder to me after every in-his-mind premature purchase).

You are very gracious to remember my request.

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using my "real camera" is a pain, but I can snap some iphone shots!

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That would be more than fine!

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Not sure what to photograph, here goes.

Oh and hope you are having fun!

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Thank you so much! You're so kind. They're gorgeous and will look great in your new place. I think I told you my DH is making our table as well.

We ARE having fun. This is the trip I've been dreaming about since my DGS was born 10 years ago. I am so grateful to DS and DIL for letting us share it with them.

Today is princess day for my 7 year old DGD. It's ironic because my DIL swore 6 years ago her daughter would never be a princess, but. . .DGD is as determined as her mother.

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Actually, i didnt recall that your DH is also making the table. How cool!

Glad to hear you are having so much fun. Safe travels.

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mtnrdredux - Love the close-ups. I had only seen smaller pictures and had been somewhat nonplussed. Those are very attractive and fun too.

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Hi Dee,

FYI, these chairs are featured in Feb 2014 House Beautiful.

Also, I was at Lillian August recently (stores in NYC, CT and LA) and they had very similar chairs. Except the seats were shorter and narrower. They were $600 marked down to $299. I think I paid $150 for mine on sale.

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Thanks, mtn. I'll check it out.

I just got an email mine have shipped. I got them during their $200 off a $600 purchase sale. I split my order into 2, and had to order a washcloth on each order to put me over the $600, so the chairs, without shipping, were $133 each.

I think we got great deals on our hopelessly trendy chairs!

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Here's the pic from HB. It's interesting they referred to it as a "service kitchen" and "back of the house", descriptions which make me think of your vision for your kitchen. It also has a couple of elements I'm incorporating.

I like the kitchen, but I think it really shows how versatile these chairs are.

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That is exactly what I did, too! Only I ordered candles. LOL

They look great.

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I love those chairs. Way cool!

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