Daylight Savings....

Maura63March 12, 2007

I know it's only two days...

What "organizational" changes come about as a result of longer daylight? Are you working longer hours (or shorter)? Are you changing your meal plans? (While I grill all year round, here in the northeast, I will definitely grill more frequently now that it will be light out!) Does your motivation for organizing increase? Do you switch the timing of when you do things, i.e. used to workout in the morning, but now evening? Do you shift your focus? How has/does your schedule changed?

I sort of "hibernate" in the winter, so I am psyched about the promise of longer days and milder weather ahead. (at least until I can use the heat of summer as an excuse for being lazy )

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No, this is a killer time for me. Losing the hour will take me weeks to adjust. I wish we would just get rid of DST.


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I don't think anything changes for me...

Work hours don't vary due to the amount of sunlight. My 'day' (whether working, cleaning, volunteering, working out, etc....) starts aroung eight and ends around four.

I grill regardless of the amount of light in the sky (I have an outside light to use!).

I am always motivated for organizing.

No activity switches from morning to evening - evening is time with DH/kids all year 'round.

I am just happy that the weather is warming up - this winter has been a cold one!

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Living in Indiana we are celebrating our first year of DST! More light means we've survived another winter. I put up with winter to get spring and fall!
I think most of my changes come about due more to increase in temperature than more light...they just seem to go hand in hand!

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Nothing changes for me until it's warm enough to garden after work (starting at 6pm). Then I'm outdoors until it's too dark to see straight. DH will be doing more of the cooking (yeah!) as he'll be grilling - started that yesterday!

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I just hate it. Harder to get dd to bed, and harder for both of us to get up in the morning. What a nuisance. Maybe in the fall they could just fall back 1/2 hour and leave it there? please!!!

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postum, that made me smile especially since it makes sense. Too bad making sense doesn't enter into the equation.

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I love the extra light in the evening so much that giving up that hour of sleep seems a fair trade.

Thanks to the first days of DST coinciding with warm weather, my garden is now mostly organized. At this time of year it was just cleanup and window washing, but everything looks so much better and now is nearly ready for planting. The extra light even moved us to go buy seeds, despite not being able plant outside for another month. I also have the feeling that extra energy I'm feeling will let me do more inside too, although this week it turned out to be projects that generated more stuff to organize. I agree that extra warmth is key, but for me it has to be combined with light.

We may well save electricity because we are turning on the lights an hour later, and it's not offset by mornings because the household members who get up before it's light don't take an hour to get ready.

But what I don't get is how my pets know to bug me for dinner by the clock rather than 24 hours after their last dinner.

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livingthedream, they're going off your ACTIVITY cues. You come home from work, and 1 hour later, there's food.

I know my cat yells at me for her wet food anytime I start clanking bowls in the kitchen in the evening, bcs I go in the kitchen iand clank bowls is to grind up he rmedicine and mix it in the bowl right before bedtime.

you go to brush your teeth, and it's time for the last run to the backyard.

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I hate daylight savings. The traffic in SoCal is bad news in the morning--so driving in darkness is riskier in my opinion.
Before DST at least you could get a little exercise in the a.m. now thats impossible unless you happen to be carrying the olympic torch. Eventually sunrise will come earlier and that helps.
I heard they developed DST to help farmers. I don't understand how--because they prefer to plow, reap, etc. in the a.m before it gets hot, so what difference does it make what time it is. If you are self employed you would start when its light out certainly not before. If its time to bring in the wheat you would work until its dark especially if the rain was coming.

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I'm with you--I don't believe that Daylight Savings Time has anything to do w/ farmers--they don't pay attention to the clock, but to the sun. They can get up whenever they want, they don't have to coordinate their movements with anyone else's schedule, just their own.

It has to have been influenced by industry, and commercial life. Bcs that's the place where having everyone on the sam\ e schedule matters.

In fact--from Wikipedia:

Adding daylight to afternoons promotes outdoor afternoon activities. This benefits retailing, sports, and other activities that exploit sunlight after working hours, but it causes problems for farmers and other workers whose hours depend on the sun. The extra afternoon daylight also cuts overall traffic accident rates; its effects on crime are less clear. DST can save electricity by reducing the need for evening lighting, but it can also boomerang by boosting peak demand, increasing overall electricity costs.

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More people will take their cars out in the evening since there's still daylight. This will not have a good effect on the environment.

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To contribute something from an unexpected historical angle. I collect antique insurance policies. Last week I bought another one, from 1885. It was issued to Mr. William Willett and the Gunter Estate (a huge estate in central London, nowdays the location of the famous Harrod's). Little did I know, that this was William Willett who invented the Daylight Savings scheme. He was an architect and a builder in London and had petitioned the government to introduce the savings. He also worked extensively on the development and preservation of this estate and was a good friend of the Gunter family. So, you never know where you will find history :) I enclose two links here, one to the image of the policy document and another to the Wikipedia story about William Willett. Enjoy! Wikipedia:

Here is a link that might be useful: Willim Willett Daylight Savings Document

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Years ago I remember reading that Kingsford Charcoal had lobbied to move up the beginning of daylight savings time.

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In continuation to the story...

Here is a link that might be useful: A piece of history

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