Wooden screen door

LisaHApril 27, 2009

We want to replace the (non-standard size) wooden screen door on our circa 1920 house. There's a company in Maine called "Western Maine Screen Doors" that has good-looking wooden screen doors at an affordable price, but I don't know anything about them. Does anyone have experience with them? If not, do you have any suggestions for a source for wooden screen doors in New Jersey?

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Wooden screen doors used to be commonplace and readily available. No more. If you have found a source, and a design that you like, I say go for it. Just be sure to prime it with something that is oil based and formulated to soak in and protect the wood from weather. Its a good idea to install a metal diagonal brace at the time of installation, even though the door doesn't need it. This will keep the door from sagging, and loosening in the corners. Be sure to install the chain & spring assembly that will prevent the door from opening too far. Otherwise, it could get caught by the wind when you are not home, and self-destruct in a few hours.

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Perhaps the quality of what you're looking for is different than the needs I had, but since buying my house I have enclosed the front and back porch areas with screen. I added wood framed screen doors to both porches. I bought them at Home Depot for about $20 and stained them. You can buy the spring and hinge kit for about $5. I bought simple hook and eye latches for both inside and outside the doors (so the dogs couldn't push the doors open). They're not beautiful or decorative, but you could shave the thin wood to whatever dimensions you need for an irregular opening.


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I visited the site for "Western Maine Screen Doors" and discovered that these are premium quality items made of mahogany. They are NOT the screen doors that we have on our house, or that I see in our neighborhood. They run around $400 per. Given the type of wood, I suspect that most homeowners will opt for a clear finish, maybe spar varnish. I am impressed by the quality and selection, and might buy one myself, for our front door.

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Blackbeardoor.com is a company that sells virtually the same doors as Western Maine screen door. I personally know the owner and he builds these doors with quality wood and they are worth every penny. The doors are beautiful, well made and he will even design a screen door for you that you have created yourself. Well worth a look.

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Strange, when I go to the web pages of these two companies, they are showing the exact same images of their door styles. Not clear what's going on.

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lisah, i have purchased 4 doors from western maine screen door co. and they are all incredible doors. i had 2 custom dsigned for my camp. so they can also do any design your lookng for. i highly recomend buying one from them.i wouldnt hesitate for a second!

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