What's the best deal you ever got...

marie26March 24, 2007

What's the best deal you ever got in helping you to organize?

Those 10 drawers I recently bought were on sale for $7.50 each. I found them so helpful that the next time I was in town, I went into Staples to see if there were any more. They were now marked down to $3.50 each so I bought the last 6. The best part is that they gave me the difference back from the $7.50 I spent (I had my receipt). If that vase is still there, I'm going to use this money to buy it. So, I only paid $56.00 (at $3.50 each) for 16 stylish, although plastic, drawers instead of the $120.00 I was willing to pay at $7.50 each. If I had purchased them at the original price, it would have cost me $480.00.

My other fantastic deal was when I lived in Asia. DH does needlepoints and cross stitch (some are his own designs) and I took them all with me there. The framing was top notch with quality wood, glass when needed and matting. Half of them were large pieces and the other half were the size of normal sized paintings. I paid only $10.00 to $15.00 each for framing. Here, I've paid soooo much more than that.

Maybe you found a cheaper product that you used for a different purpose that helped you to organize. What's your best deal?

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1. Pink leather business/credit c holder free (a reject) from my oldest DD. I use my debit card-ALOT. I was always just dropping it into my purse and then pawing around to find it. Now the highly visible card holder has enough room for my debit card and that pesky grocery card. Everytime I use it I mentally thank my organized daughter!
2. A 2.99 purchase at IKEA for a coffee filter holder. It screws onto the inside of your cabinet door. THere are your filters. I love this thing.
3. Drawer organizers from IKEA. About 5.99each for RTA wood drawer organizers that you can customize with dividers. THey make my kitchen drawers look HIGH END and I smile everytime I open a drawer. I also use them in my dressing table drawer for makeup.

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the best deal I ever got was when my parochial-school-teacher best friend (read: no money) gave me her Saturday to help me go through my closet, and all I had to pay her was all the clothes that didn't fit, that she wanted!

I got company, and a backbone (hers, not mine), and an extra set of hands, AND I got stuff out of my closet, LOL!

In terms of store-bought stuff, I don't remember. I know what WORKS best, but I can't remember whether they were particularl cheap.

I'm so excited to hear you were able to get more of those drawers you wanted, and for even less! And I'm amazed that they HAD enough of them for you. Usually when I find something like that, they don't have but 3 or 4.

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Not me, but my husband got a great deal on a frozen chickens. They were 99 a pound, he found two erroneously marked only 9 cents a pound. i think they were about 30 and 40 cents each. now, you'd think the cashier might notice, but the prices were already printed on the packages, so he got them as marked. He look thru the whole freezer compartment for more, but there were no more.

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My best deal was a wedding gift. Would have been 1979. I got rid of the husband but have kept this hand-made basket all of these years. It's the size of a clothing basket and has made it through at least 12 moves. It's been used for dirty clothing (right now in my youngest's room,) held blankets and quilts in living rooms, kept track of toddler toys for four kids and I still find it visually pleasing.


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Dishpans for .99 - great for organizing toys, and they fit perfectly in the unit I have for them. They work much better for me than baskets (no polly locket bits slipping through.)

Plain old cardboard boxes. I loves shoe boxes - cover them with paper and use them for cd's and photos. I try to avoid buying big plastic bins and put things in boxes instead - just tape a piece of paper with the contents to the front.

Another Ikea buy - the magazine holders (they were 1 or 2 dollars for 5) great for keeping dd's artwork in. (she's sticking to 8x11 paper now.)

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Lena M

What's the best deal you ever got in helping you to organize?

Honestly? It would be DH - we met during my initial free trial of an online dating service.

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Lena, I love that! You did get the best deal hands down! Congrats! ANd thanks for starting my day with a chuckle.

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I don't know if it was the best deal I ever got, but last night we were at the local grocery and they were clearing out some meat that was on it's "use by" date. We got 5 FAMILY packs of T-bone steaks for 6 dollars each!!!!! Each steak will feed us both, so we have 15 meals of T-bone's, for 30$$ Whoo-hoo!!!!!

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"We got 5 FAMILY packs of T-bone steaks for 6 dollars each!!!!! Each steak will feed us both, so we have 15 meals of T-bone's, for 30$$ Whoo-hoo!!!!!"

And how does that help you organize????

OP: "What's the best deal you ever got in helping you to organize?"

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I think jaybird got a great deal. I'd be excited with that sort of savings. I consider stocking up on food as part of organizing. It's planning ahead but still planning.

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I was given an upright freezer when dh and I got married a few years ago. I tried to be neat and organized when I moved last fall, but I accidentally left a bucket of water in it and the movers moved it that way. Yuck mold! I finally cleaned it out yesterday. There are a lot of great food deals this week so I stocked up.

By stocking up at this time and not right when I moved here I paid attention to organizing it. Frozen meals on one shelf, meat on another and veggies in the bottom tray. It looks nice and now I think I may label the shelves just so we don't randomly throw stuff in there. If I can't find it, it goes to waste.

I also think Jaybird got a great deal.

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Off topic but in one of my moves, the movers packed an ashtray with ashes and a half filled bottle of soda.

If I could pick a new career, I'd love to be the organizer in charge of the day movers pack up someone's stuff. After having to redo everything in a new home just because the movers don't listen to instructions is not a lot of fun.

Another great deal I got was when I bought the last 3 plastic cleaning products holder with handles. I put one under the kitchen sink and the other 2 will be put in each of the bathrooms under the sinks. I paid only 50 cents each.

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I bought a house for 18k two years ago. Does that count? I should have spent more time and money on organizing instead probably. It is cheaper than renting a storage facility though. :~/

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From Sam's Club, big boxes of drawstring trash bags  the large black ones and the smaller white ones. I've filled so many with stuff to throw out and stuff to give away.

Also from Sam's, twelve large yellow microfiber cloths. They don't help me organize, but they sure help me clean. I love those things!

Jaybird, I imagine those steaks gave you plenty of energy to organize. We can't whip our homes into shape on lettuce leaves! (Although I do try sometimes...)


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Rubbermaid gift bag organizers they have two "c" type handles that will fit over a closet rod, I bought 10 of them for $1each right after xmas on clearance. They work great, we each have one in our bedroom closet for winter scarves, gloves, hats. Then we have 3 in the hall closet for the furkids clothing, leashes, shoes, and etc.
I also bought the rubbermaid giftwrap storage bins (5 of them) for $1 each after xmas and use them to put gift wrap (obviously) and misc. hall closet items.

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My best deal was 4 Waterford Crystal desert plates for $4. This was at a garage sale and the seller just wanted to be rid of "stuff".

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