Steel roof over shingles?/

koszta_kidApril 9, 2006

Have 1 layer, newer sheeting. In high winds and rain leaked in living. Was told at Menards no tear off needed if I cover shingles with pink siding foam.And would have 25 year warranty .

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Talk to at least three roofers, not a sales clerk in a home improvement store.

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You are putting a steel roof over the shingles? I am just making sure I understand.
We had a similar leaking problem and it was due to the water being blown up under the shingles in high winds. This would cause a leak. Our roof was not very steep here and the wind was coming from the perfect location to blow the water under the shingles.

I do not know much about steel roofing however I do know it is lighter than asphalt and you may be able to put it over the shingles however I have never heard of putting pink foamboard under it and I don't think that installing it is very easy either. I think you may have to talk to a roofer that deals with these roofs.

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I can't answer your question either, but I can add that contractors in my area have good things to say about metal roofs. I recently got a quote for one on my barn roof that included a 35-year warranty. The farmer down the road told me (a little belatedly) that a metal roof is what I should have gotten in the first place.


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The shingles on the west side are starting to curl. And Dh I aren't able to do the roof anymore. We did tear it off and sheet and shingles. I never did the side where we have problem-just to steep for me. But have friends who have gone to steel roofs. Cuts cooling and heating bill + insurance is cheaper-with wood burning stoves. But the person I talked I know use to be a roofer Before he worked at Menards.

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koszta kid, we will be replacing our roof later this summer and were told the same thing - - minus the pink insulation part. We had a contractor/builder friend come in to help us decide what to do.... he gave us some tips and advice and told us what to watch for when we get actual prices to have the roof done. He said we could put the tin right over our the shingles. Apparently, they apply some sort of strapping and apply the steel to that.

We're in a position where the back side of our house looks like hell and needs to be replaced, shingles are curling, etc. because it's totally exposed to the sun all day long. The front looks great because it's shaded by several tall spruce / fir trees. The shingls probably should have lasted longer, but the folks we bought it from probably used cheaper shinges the last time they were replaced (seniors on a fixed income). We're going with steel. Our house is a 100 +/- yr old farmhouse, so I think it will be more appropriate.

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We put on a standing seam aluminum roof last June. The metal roofer said that adding metal on top of old material (ours was asphalt) is standard if the old roof is OK. Ultimately our old roof did come off before the new waterproofing and metal went on.

We love our metal roof for the look and fire safety (we live in a forrest). The 40 yr warrantee ain't bad either, especially since it cost 8-10x what a replacement asphalt shingle roof would have been.

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I bought a semi-derelict Victorian with wings added on either side. The wings are low pitch, and had had roll roofing installed. In our weather, roll roofing might last 2 seasons at best. These were in bad shape and leaking had damaged plaster all along one side of house (which I am still in the process of repairing and/or replacing).

I hired a contractor to install metal roofing on both wings. Couldn't afford standing seam, but did go for a high quality metal that fits the house well. It was not necessary to remove the existing roofing. The contractor installed a "cold roof", meaning it is installed on boards nailed onto the existing roof. This allows cold air to circulate under the metal, preventing ice dams at the edges. Snow just slides off, and it also helps prevent heat buildup in the summer. One of the best investments I made. It looks good, and will never need replacement or repair, at least in my lifetime!

The key here is a good contractor who reallyu knows what he/she is doing. It's worth paying a little extra for.

Dayle Ann

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If your roof is leaky, you may have structural damage from the water. Adding a new layer over this will seal in the problem and may make it worse. You may wind up having to remove the new roof to fix it a feww years down the road.

The safest thing to do is to have the roof stripped so that it can be examined for potential structural problems before resurfacing it.

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This is true, but my contractor did this from underneath without having to strip the roof.

Dayle Ann

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I guess the best way then is to strap the roof then lay the steel. That should make a better job

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I have a 12 to 1&half inch pitch roof coming off 3/12 pitch shingled roof .I am going to put metel on the flater part of the roof I would like to know if I can lay the metel over the roll roofing if I put 2x4 furring strips down.

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