omg!!!! moving!!! i need hugs!

lazy_gardensMarch 17, 2014

Plans for moving in a couple of years to our "vacation house" have been moved up to as soon as possible after May 15th (when roommate's lease expires).

Fortunately and unfortunately, it's a pretty well furnished house there and here - we'll shed duplicate belongings that aren't "worth" moving, and then bump anything I acquired for the vacation house that's not "worth" keeping. We're thinking in terms of "cubage cleared" rather than item count.

We have a LOT of stuff. Rented a storage unit over there for a year ... gives us time to figure out the logistics and do some improvements. I have a floor to finish over there.

So far:
15+ boxes of books out the door with more to go. (the major "collectible" ... I'll probably keep 50% of them)
Excess computer stuff identified for disposal/sale
Various things to charity, like the stair machine

Lots of stuff hit the trash - shredding of old pay stubs, etc.

And the usual pre-listing cleaning and repairs. Fortunately we've been keeping up on stuff like that, and can hire pros for most of it.

But the mind boggles.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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good luck!!

Sounds like it's mostly heavy lifting. Remember to try to get some sleep, though.

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Hi, lazygardens. That is really fast. I agree with Talley Sue; make sure you allow time to rest. The last time we moved, we had to get rid of a lot more stuff because it wouldn't fit in the house. If you won't read a book again, I suggest giving it to the library. We gave our gardening books to a public garden that has a library. If you are in an urban area, Craig's List is good for getting rid of odds and ends. We put left over insulation, windows, fencing, etc. in the driveway, took a pix, and posted on CL as free.

Good luck!

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Lazy; don't see a link!

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I didn't mean for there to be a link to anything.

All books we aren't taking are going to the HUGE VNSA book sale people, in batches of 10 or so boxes. (wine boxes are great, and Trader Joes has lots of them.

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You have my deepest sympathy. And lots of hugs are being sent your way. We moved 11 years ago, didn't have anywhere near as much stuff as we do now. No way will I ever move again, just to think about it makes me shudder. My plan is to die here, and leave all the moving to who ever gets this mess. Just kidding. I do have a shed that has become the depository for all the odds and ends. They are mostly going to trash, some to charity, and hopefully, few kept. Thanks for the wine box idea, I have lots of trash out there and moving it to trash bin will be much faster in boxes. Organizing all our things is the hardest, I think. I wish you all the best in your move and lots of hugs. Keep us posted on how it goes.

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We moved from our home of 29 years to our lake house. Once I knew it was coming I just started switching the good stuff to the lake house and the rest started going to different charities.
I left a 4 bedroom with basement home to a 3 bedroom no basement home. Lots of stuff didn't make the cut. And even then I had to continue to downsize.

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