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Linda RossFebruary 21, 2009

I have new cabinets that go to the ceiling. I am 5'2" and need a step stool. What to get? I need one that is easy to store, folds and easy to set up and put away plus need to be tall enough. Do you have this problem? Also, where do you store your stool?

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I'm 5'5" but I have 42" upper cabinets so I need a step stool also. I ended up getting two. One is a single step "turtle" stool that I put under my sink. This is all I need for a lot of things because the stuff I store on the top shelves is not anything I use regularly. I also have a three step folding step stool for getting to the very top also used when I occasionally dust the top of the cabinets. I keep that in a nearby closet. I really like the turtle stool though because it takes up so little space and you can store one just about any where - I bought another one for a bedroom closet that has high shelves.

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I bought mine at Target. Target has quite a good selection. My goals were that the stool would be thin, and also tall enough to be worthwhile. Some stepstools only add a foot or so to your height, so they're not much use. You want to be able to add 2-3 feet to your height, so pay attention to the stools' labels which should show what height the top step is at.

If your budget is not very limited, the Williams-Sonoma stepladders are the ultimate kitchen stepstool. They're really light, and really really thin. The 3-step stepladder is the one to get. My Target stepstool cost somewhere in the $40's. The Williams-Sonoma cost $128, but it is thinner and lighter than my Target stepstool. Nevertheless, I am happy with mine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Williams-Sonoma Aluminum Stepladder

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My Mom has a plastic one which she informs me she paid $5 for not whatever I posted in the attached thread. She has soffets so it is enough to let her reach the top shelves (it's very stable and all she needs for most things). She keeps it in one of her cabs. She has a taller one in her entrance closet that I think is a hazard, but she doesn't use it often - strictly for light bulb changes.

Here is a link that might be useful: good thread on stools

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I use two:

For most things, a rolling stepstool. This is round & has wheels & bumpers, so you can nudge it with your foot in the direction you want it to go or easily carry it. The wheels retract when you step on the stool & there's no danger of scooting or slipping since it's very stable.

For very high items, a Polder 3 step folding stepladder with a handle bar at the top.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rolling step stool

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