17 markets will get a new Digi-Net

cynicFebruary 7, 2013

Broadcast TV viewers will have a new option coming. Fox Television Stations and Weigel Broadcasting are partnering on "Movies!", a film-themed subchannel launching in 17 Fox-owned stations' markets this spring. Their aim is "to create a new destination for movie fans that is fan-friendly and available for free via over-the-air television, and in many cases via local cable carriage," according to a statement.

The network will be available on Fox subchannels in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Boston, Washington, Atlanta, Houston, Detroit, Phoenix, Tampa, Minneapolis, Orlando, Austin, Memphis and Ocala market areas. The films will air 24 hours a day and will appear in a 16 by 9 format.

Around here, the Fox channels have made no real use of the D2 spectrum available. To me that's surprising. It's the PBS and one other locally owned channel that's made a lot of use of it and the Gannett owned station has set up a weather subchannel. I guess Pax did use a few too. For some reason the other nets don't want to get into it yet.

AFAIC, getting more free station options, besides the holy rollers and the infomercials is a good thing. I'm not sure that the caliber of the movies will be much but have to wait and see. "Stay tuned" I guess.

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"Holy roller" ...

... is that anything like, a "hair roller"?

o j

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