It's official - we're moving!!

kittiemomMarch 21, 2006

We talked w/DH's boss on Sat. & he told us we will definitely be moving to the Wilmington, NC area. Time frame will be June-July. It's only about 1 1/2 hrs. from our current home. DH may have to commute for a month or so while we coordinate things.

We will be putting our house up for sale asap. We are still in the midst of a remodeling project on this house, which is going to make it much more difficult.

We have found a nice development & a house plan that we like. The only problem is that construction won't be complete for 9-12 months because the development is in the beginning stages. So, we are planning to get an apartment for a while. We liked the model home & development that we visited by the same company a lot, so we're willing to wait. We will have to put some things in storage.

I'm planning to keep my current job. We have timed the drive & it will be app. 40 min. one way instead of the 30 min. each way I drive now.

We are very excited, but there's so much to do! Help me get organized for this move, please.

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Congratulations! Will the company be paying for the move as well as pay for packing your things? If they are, then you can focus on getting your house on the market. This is a perfect opportunity to take a week or two and declutter as much as possible. I know, easier said than done. For those "don't know items", just stick them in labeled boxes for now. You can go through them later when you have time to think.

Can you get someone in to help finish the remodeling project? Can the house sell if you don't finish it? What sort of project is it and how much more is left to do?

You're fortunate that the drive isn't that much different than now and you don't have to look for another job.

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Wow! You are going to be a busy lady. I think the best piece of advice I can give you is to start itemized lists of what needs to be done to sell your house, what needs to be done to prepare to move and what needs to be done to set the wheels in motion for having your new home built. You might want a binder for that to save ideas, selections of materials, etc. You have way too many things on your plate to simply "wing it", so you will need to keep lists. Plus, it is so fun to be able to mark off the lists as things get completed. Best of luck!!


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Can you wait until after the remodeling projects are completed? That would be my biggest concern right now. I wouldn't even list it for sale until you are really ready to have it shown and a half-finished job might kill a sale.

You can get started on the decluttering right away and since you already know you'll be building, you can get rid of stuff that won't be wanted in the new home. Check on prices of storage. It may be cheaper just to replace some items.

Good luck!


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I might get lucky on the house. My dad really needs to downsize. He asked about the house tonight when I talked to him & told me that he'd like to go to lunch (probably tomorrow) to discuss this. Thankfully, he realizes that he needs to downsize & that this would be a perfect size house for him. Here's hoping! That would make things so much easier for us!

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