Walk in closets, show me yours

howmuchlongerMarch 3, 2009

DH wants to eliminate chest of drawers in BR, by putting everything in walk in closet. Would love to see how others have fit it all in to the closet.

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Well. .We have successfully done this very thing, sorry I don't have a picture right now. We have a long walk in with two sets of shelves from floor to ceiling on each side along with 5 hanging bars on each side. I bought some of the clear plastic drawers, Walmart I think. They are about as wide as a shoe box, maybe a tad big longer. My husband has four of those stacked on one shelf, one for blue socks, black socks, green and one for tan/brown socks. I have his undies neatly folded and stacked on another shelf. I have 4 of the drawers on my side for undies and socks. His novelty t's are folded and on shelves also. So are our jammies. It really does work out great plus we have shelf space left over for other things. He really likes having everything in the closet when getting ready in the mornings, I do too. We still have a bureau and chest of drawers in the bedroom but they have the off season clothes stored there. We also have a chair up against the wall at the end of the closet. It's really handy to sit and put shoes and socks on there. You can buy the drawers in bigger sizes also if you want his undies stored out of sight. You should check out the storage options at Walmart or Target and see what would fit in your closet. .hope this helps you some. .Debbie

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Thanks Debbie! I like the idea of having the off season clothes in the chest of drawers, b/c I can not imagine ALL of our clothes fitting into the closet.

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If I only had a walk-in closet, I could....

My house is old-school, where off season clothes go elsewhere because there simply isn't enough room.

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btt - I would also love to see some pictures of your walk-in closets as I'm trying to design ours in our new build and not having much luck. Thanks

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You can check out lots of books just on closet spaces. I find it helpful to consider all the different options.

I think storage issues are so individual--I have seen lots of closet ideas that just won't work for me because I don't like to fold things a certain way, or whatever. I hang sweaters and T's even though it's against the "rules" because I hate to fold, but will put something on a hanger in an instant.

So you can find a cleverly designed closet that looks great, everything appears to have its place, but won't work for you, if you haven't given some thought to how you like to "do" things. Also, in my experience, some of the photos just don't show how much stuff we really have (you know, you'll see 3 pairs of pants, 2 short dresses, one long, a few tops--in my dreams! Or maybe I should say, that needs to be one of my goals.

It does give you an opportunity to see whether you want to stay the same yourself, and design your closet to fit what you have now, or whether, in thinking about your closet, you decide to change yourself!

For example, I wear mostly dress slacks and comfortable shoes you can stand and walk in, so I wear socks, like various trouser socks. I tended to "collect" socks--maybe just the right shade of something, or a clever stripe or print, in addition to having basic black and brown. So my socks started to take up substantial drawer space in my closet ! After awhile, I figured out that if I stopped defining myself with my socks, I could use the space for something else, or more breathing room. So, fewer socks for me.

That is one thing to notice about the closets that don't look like there's as much stuff as you have--the reason they look good is, it is hard to have an organized closet, no matter how cool your storage is, if you try to put things too close together and have too much stuff (per unit space--if you have an entire room, you can have both a lot of stuff AND have it not packed together). Eventually the too much cramming will overcome your great original closet plan.

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We have a large walk-in closet that was very poorly outfitted. I took everything out and replaced it with Elfa closet components. We each have some drawer space in the bathroom vanities, but we added basket drawers to the closet --three drawers for my husband and and four for me, as well as two jewelry tray drawers. We each have a shelf basket that we toss our work-out clothes and sweats into. There's a wall of shelves that we have our shoes on and some clear shoe boxes for the ones we don't wear regularly. There's another wall with shelves for off-season storage of sweaters and pants in more clear plastic boxes. We have no clothes in our bedroom. Our dresser sits behind a sofa as a sofa table and houses bed linens in the bedroom. If you're interested in the Elfa components, go to thecontainerstore.com. I think they're still on sale there.

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