my other new gadget--battery box

talley_sue_nycMarch 11, 2005

I keep a stash of batteries on hand, and have been keeping them in a flat stationery box--the kind that fancy reams of resume paper come in. Mostly because the box was the one available when I needed it, and it fit in this little flat space I wanted to put it in. But it was awkward--batteries are heavy, and this box wasn't strong enough, bcs it was so big, to keep from sagging when you picked it up.

I considered those wall-mounted racks, but I really don't have that many walls, esp. where I'd want to mount something. I liked having them on the shelf. So I got this:

Battery organizer case.

It was much smaller than I had anticiated (even though the dimensions are right there), and I thought i was going to have to send it back. But I love it! It holds all I need (though there are these funny little "stands" that are supposed to go in the bottom--I just ditched them as taking up space unnecessarily).

And it fits in the same space! Yay.

It's small enough, it could fit in a drawer well, too (though the latch needs space in front to open, so you couldn't store it up against the front of the drawer; youl need about a inch)

Just thought I'd share.

Here is a link that might be useful: battery organizer case

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That is nice. Mine are in a plastic see-through box, but loose, and they are so heavy that the box invaiably tips and some end upon the floor.

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THat's what happened to me, Wendy, and is why I got this little thing. It really holds much more than I thought at first!

And I discovered that I have WAY too many C batteries, and WAY too many 9-volts.

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Very cool box, Talley. What a find! When our batteries are dead, we put them in a 1/2 gallon plastic milk jug with a widened hole at the top. Once full, this jug goes to the city's chemical and caustic materials recycling center. This way, our good batteries don't get mixed up with the dead ones. We keep the dead battery jug far away from the good battery box, which we keep in our entertainment built-in where all electronic stuff in the house is stored.

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that jug sounds really handy!

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That was only created after nearly fifteen years of mixing up batteries of every shape and size! My real "battery management" goal is to have enough on hand to change the batteries in the smoke detectors twice a year and have critical sizes (like AAA for fancy high school calculators) in stock when we need an emergency replacement. Thanks!

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I love this. Right now we're keeping ours in the fridge (I know this has been proven not necessary, but the flashlights are there and we always know where they are.)

Thanks for sharing Talley Sue! Cindy, I also love your battery jug idea, I may have to utilize that one.

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Mine is similar. I didn't want one of the wall racks either. I couldn't find a box like this when I was looking so I bought a small tackle box (similar dimensions to Talley Sue's) & moved the dividers around to accomodate different size batteries. It's worked out so well! Even DH likes it. Before, I attempted to store them in the packages in a larger box. Of course, the opened packages were always spilling batteries out. Now I can tell immediately if we're low on a certain size. Mine goes on a shelf with the box containing extra light bulbs.


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