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bspoffordMarch 6, 2009

I noticed buried links in member postings. It consists of words in green and underlined. I went to one thinking it was placed by the poster, but not so.

I think this stinks. I get enough spamming, phishing, spyware, etc. without GW hosting this crap.

If you agree, please post that, and maybe they'll stop.


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The embeds seem to be automatically disappearing on other threads around the forums.

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Here are the instructions for turning them off from the Computer Forum. This is happening on all the forums.

"To turn it off click on the ? in the box that pops up. A new page opens and it has a tab that says disable. Click on that and follow the instructions."

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This was posted on the decorating & cooking forums:
Tamara is out tending to some family business today, so I apologize for not getting over here sooner. I wanted to let you know that these links were rolled out on the forums unintentionally and have since been removed. We apologize for the confusion this caused.

Thanks for your comments and for your patience.

Caryn D. Stein
Director of Community, iVillage.com

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