duplicates, keeping things that don't work..etc.

ronbreMarch 2, 2009

Well I was peeling some sweet potatoes on Sunday and the peeler i was using just wasn't working very well, so I went to the door to look for another peeler and I found 3 more. I got to thinking about what I've been reading on this forum about indifference and organizing and realized I don't need to keep a peeler that doesn't work well. So while I was peeling the potatoes I tried out every one of my peelers..3 worked well 1 didn't..so that one will NOT be going back in my drawers.

I wonder how often we just make do with something sitting in our work areas that don't function properly..I know that in my garage tools there are things that i end up grabbing that don't work, when i know i have good items there also..why do we continue to put those poor quality items back in our drawers..

I'm going to give you all a March Challenge..don't put something back into a drawer or storage area that doesn't function the way it should..fix it, or toss it.

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Excellent idea. I recently dumped a pair of pruning shears after realizing that I avoided using them.

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My garden tools need a good going-thru. I know I have at least three trimmimg tools-and I only like one, the Felco pruners. I must toss the other two. And I have several peelers, but I know I grab only one when i want to peel potatoes. the others can go. Imagine all the extra room I'll gain!

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later today , 3 really crappy ice cream scoops..if you want a good one by the way, farberware has 2 that are stainless steel with dark plastic handles..one larger and one smaller..i like the larger one, it doesn't even look like an ice cream scoop but trust me, it works fantastic !

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Ronbre, I just showed your post to my teenage son and told him I had accepted the challenge, so he'd better start "functioning" .(lol).
Seriously, you're on.. challenge accepted.
Here are the things I found this morning that will go in the donation station or be tossed out properly.
Knife block with knives we've never used.
Thin pot holders that have "hot spots".
Mystery teaspoons that have somehow arrived at our house... where do some of these come from? They look like cafeteria spoons, but I've never ever brought one home in my bag. These cheap ones just arrive in our drawer at the same rate as our good ones disappear.. anyone else have this phenomenon occur in their home?
Scratched sunglasses...huh?
Well, that's just for today.

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I'm up for this challenge.I know of at least two pair of garden shears in my box now that are too rusted and to cheap to even try to renew,so out they'll go.I have lots of duplicates.Some I'm sure I'll keep,but other things can go.

lillydilly.....I wish I had the teaspoon problem....well at least new ones arriving.You could use them as plant markers,bend them into hooks for the wall,cupboard or closet,or use them in a windchime.And,being the packrat that I am,I'd keep the scratched sunglasses to,as a spare for the garden.I have a little garden box that I keep my tools in.I'd add a hook and hang the glasse right in there.That way,I'd save my good ones and not worry about loosing or scrathing them.

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oh no Rox is "my husband" pulling things out of my give away pile..wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...tee hee..just kidding..

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I have peelers I need to toss! I saw them in the drawer last night, and said, "I hate these Y-shaped peelers, bcs the peels always stick to the peeler instead of falling into the garbage. I need to get rid of those!"

These cut well, though--anybody want them?

Oh, and peelers that don't cut well? Pot holders with thin spots? Toss them, don't give them away!

That's my new motto. If they're so crummy that I won't use them, nobody else needs to be burdened with them.

(for my peelers, I know there are people who *like* the Y design, and these do actually cut very well, so I'm going to put them on the giveaway shelf at work)

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