Time for a new roof ???

toomuchglassApril 25, 2011

We've lived in this house for 16 years . The people before us had a complete roof tear off - so we are starting with one layer. Suddenly -- we're finding all those little black & gray granular pieces falling like rain on our sidewalk.

I know the last owners never went cheap ... but what's happening now ? I hope it's not time for a new roof :(


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If you live in a northern area, chances are this winter's unusually heavy snow and ice dragged off a greater than normal amount of the grit that's part of your roofing. Normally some of that stuff comes all the time and you don't see it. But if a lot comes off all at once it kind draws attention to itself. Use binocs to examine the surface to make sure there's no torn spots, or missing pieces just to be sure.



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That's what shingles do.

In warmer climates, 15 years is about right for a 20-year roof; in colder climates you might make it to 20, though the roof could be looking pretty ratty by then.

If you really plan to live there longer, go for heavier shingles.

We built a house for a former neighbour who insisted on 50-year shingles--265 lbs. per square (100 sq. ft.) . That was in 1989. He's still there and the original roof looks fine. I'm in my seventh home since then.

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