Possible Asbestos floor tiles & placing a floating flooring on to

beachhouse4usApril 21, 2012

We figure they are asbestos but not sure the house was built in 1955 we figure it's the original flooring. We

Really don't want to remove them, can we install a floating floor on top is this safe?

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There are testing kits you can purchase to find out for sure, and for your piece of mind.

It is my understanding that you can cover up asbestos if done properly and noted when time comes to sell. The problem is disturbing the fibers which then become airborne.

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There is absolutely no problem doing this...putting a new floor on top of an existing asbestos-containing floor is done all the time. The main problem is an improperly done removal. In addition, you don't know it's asbestos-containing (although that's a pretty safe bet). Be aware that, if you test and it's positive for asbestos, that is something you will have to disclose when you put the house up for sale; if you don't test, there is nothing to report. I'm not suggesting being devious. It's just that many people panic when they hear the word asbestos, even though it's only an issue if you mess up a removal.

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Thanks so much for your helpful information. Where can I purchase the asbestos kit can I get it at lowes or home depot if so what department is it in?

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If you are going to cover it over it is probably better you NOT know for sure what it is.

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You can probably get it at a variety of big box and hardware stores. Just be aware that the kit will not give you a direct result...you take a sample and send it off to a lab that is supposed to analyze it with a microscope. If you are determined to test the floor, I recommend you skip the test kit and have a local lab -- one that is certified by the State or Fed as qualified to analyze for asbestos -- do it. Asbestos analysis is not a chemical test, it's a visual examination that is dependent on the subjective judgment and skill of the technician using the microscope. You don't want to be making decisions about this unless you are confident in the quality of the lab.

But again, why do you want to know this if you are just putting a new floor over it? It's not going to pose a danger...other than to your budget if it's removed, or if a future buyer wants the sales price lowered because you've had to disclose the presence of asbestos (if you have any in the floor).

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"Asbestos analysis is not a chemical test, it's a visual examination"

It is often both.

First a visual to look for likely fibers, than an acid test still under the microscope to see if the fibers dissolve like asbestos should.

Phase contrast microscopy can also be used to try and identify the fibers.

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"if you have asbestos under the tiling"

Possible, but IN the tile is far more likely.

Before having any "certified professional" (it would be a lab) do anything, explore ALL the possible outcomes.

once you know for sure it becomes a matter that must be disclosed usually.
If you simply bury it without detailed testing it is not.

Removal of asbestos containing tile can be anything from minor to a major project depending on the area of tile and the locality you live in.

You may have limited options once it is idenetifed positively.

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