how one thing leads to another

ronbreMarch 2, 2009

I bought a dishwasher Jan 1, but no one would install it for me, i had one in so I didn't think it would be that hard to replace it..My son came over to install it yesterday and of course had to remove everything from under my double sink cabinet..

opportunity to organize the under sink !!

hadn't planned on that, isn't it funny how one thing always seems to lead to another thing..while that dishwasher was being installed my entire kitchen turned into a huge disaster area..which lead to a cleaning frenzy (esp the gunk under old dishwasher and

well now it is all scrubbed clean and dishwasher in and it "whispers" rather than shaking the entire house in a loud din.

and now the entire double cabinet under the kitchen sink is all nicely organized..

where to go next..maybe I need to buy some more appliances or furniture so i can be tempted to clean and organize ??

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I know what you mean Ronbre. Sometimes it can be so good when that snowballing effect happens. It can be exhausting LOL, especially when what starts out as a reasonable chore, ends up becoming a major over-haul, but it's a good feeling at the end.

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Ever do a Rubik's cube?

When you get two layers done, it looks really great--almost.

But to get that top layer right, you have to completely mess up the bottom two layers (and then, of course, put them right again).

That's what you had. The top layer of the Rubik's cube wasn't done yet (that dishwasher).

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well they came and got the dishwasher and the range today, and gave me $250..then they told me of a guy that has 5 cord of firewood for sale (we were out of hardwood) and that is $45 a cord or $ now i'm nearly broke again..but will have 5 cord of firewood coming tonight

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Who came and got your appliances, and even better, gave you money for them?

Excellent price on your firewood; I don't think I could get a cord for under $100. here in NJ.

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i posted them on craigslist..i posted some bedding on Monday too and i sold that today, so i'm posting like a maniac now..i'm thrilled with the cash..dead batteries on camera or i'd likely have everything in my house on can't do that..

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