Remodeling leads to organization?

EngineerChicMarch 3, 2012

It seems so counterintuitive - but an impending remodel is really helping us pare back our "stuff". We are expanding the upstairs of our Cape but first we have to get EVERYTHING out of the upstairs.

We are staying in the house during the remodel, so we are living in about 1/3 less space than we're used to. In the process of emptying the closets and attic I am getting rid of a LOT of stuff. A lot of it is nice clothes that don't fit (I lost weight unexpectedly). But it feels SO GOOD! I think doing this in preparation for the remodel will mean we'll be even happier with our newly reconfigured 2nd floor (a few months from now).

I've been reading here for inspiration as I slog thru it all. You guys are an inspiration!

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Moving helps in the same way.

You have an extra benefit in that you will have this fresh space that you can look at and configure or outfit to help w/ storage. Install shelves, hooks, cubbies, etc.

One of my big mantras is "infrastructure!" (do a search on that word on the forum, and you'll find some of my musings)

It's no accident that the FIRST phrase of the cliche is "a place for everything"!

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When I was younger, I moved frequently. Every move was an "opportunity" to go thru all my belongings and discard things I no longer used. I can't tell you how many food containers and butter tubs I chucked! A renovation is like a move. You do have to handle everything you own, even if it's just "the upstairs". It gives you a chance to see everything, decide if you love it/use it and to find a permanent place for it. Have fun!

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