My husband likes this house....

kaismomApril 3, 2012

I am not sure if we will end up buying this or not....

Anyone want to buy this and restore? I would love to see someone that loves it gets it rather than someone that will tear it down!

Anyway, I thought you folks would enjoy this.

The house has original woodwork. The porch woodwork is exquisite. There appears to be some rot in the soffits and maybe the rafters as well.

The windows have storm sashes nailed over. So not sure how much rot is there. I did not notice any heat upstairs. Surprisingly no radiators. An old octopus furnace to the first floor rooms only? Is that how these old furnaces work? Do you have air returns on these old funaces? Do you just pull the air from the room that the furnace is in?

An old bathroom, maybe redone at the same time as the kitchen, 40s to 60s.

Wiring still has much of old knob and tooth.

Here is a link that might be useful: An old house for sale.

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That is a fantastic house--I can't see why you would hesitate, unless you plan on changing a lot of those great features! I'd wager the rot in the soffits is a relatively easy fix, and the 'rafters' are also easy as they are most likely decorative bracketing.
The only thing I would do to the interior is make the kitchen more period with proper craftsman cabinets. You will likely want a newer, more efficient furnace; are you sure there are no upstairs heat registers? Cold air returns are separate (my house has two, a huge one in the dining room, and smaller in the downstairs hall). The 1890s house I missed out on, had no heating ducts to the upstairs, only grilles set into the floors to allow the heat from its downstairs vents to rise. When I had seen the house in early December, it was nice and warm--it had one of those 'octopus' furnaces too.
Wish I could afford to move to Seattle!

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Thanks for sharing. What a gorgeous home. I have no input as to whether or not it's worth the money but love it. Reminds me of a much (MUCH!) grander version of my home :)

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Oh my. This house is exquisite! Thank you so much for sharing it. I'm not sure what to make of the heating situation upstairs - surely there's got to be something? It looks like the house is reasonably updated, is it possible that previous owners put in radiant heating under the floor? (Highly unlikely, but you never know). Keep us updated - good luck!

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Typically with old houses there were vents in the floor to let heat rise from lower floors to upper ones

And they thought sleeping in cold bedrooms was healthy

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Another million dollar fixer upper! Still beats anything here at that price.

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Wow, that view is fantastic!! And that's one thing that you can't build into a house after the fact. :-)

I can't tell though whether the plants might end up growing too high and blocking the view--and if they are in the neighbor's lot. I'd find out about that, the view would be a big factor to me.

I love those tilt-in windows--such a cool feature!

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Beautiful house! I see "sale Pending" did you both make an offer?

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