What do you store over the stove?

quasifishMarch 21, 2012

If you are like me and have that tiny cabinet, that is often obstructed by the stove vent, and seems to collect all the greasy residue from cooking, what do you store up there?

At the moment I store vases and smaller serving dishes that are rarely used- since they generally have to be washed before their rare usage anyway. In decluttering at the moment, I am getting rid of about half of what is in there and trying to decide what to move to this new real estate.

I am a short person, and the cabinet is high, so I prefer not to store food in there. I guess any lesser used item that fits is a good choice. Any tips for storing stuff in this cabinet, if you are like me and get the greasies up there? I've bagged stuff in the past, but that doesn't always seem to help enough- I'm still taking things down, cleaning, etc. a couple times a year.

Thoughts on this space?

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We store our wine glasses and other fancy glasses there that have to be washed anyway before you use them. We don't drink much wine. Another suggestion would be holiday plates and serving pieces that you don't use often. We take out the glasses and wash them as we use them, or in our once-a-year spring cleaning.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I store my cookbook collection. There are just a few that I reach for regularly, and even those I don't reach for all that often. I also store the filled tupperware spaghetti container, and usually a couple of extra boxes of pasta...can't have too much pasta. The small recipe box and the salt box is also up there. It is a fairly comfortable reach for me.


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If you are using a deep fryer or cooking meat, you may want to leave that cupboard empty. We don't do either, so my decorative glass items go there (the doors have clear glass). They get a bit dusty, but not greasy.

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I store my FoodSaver deli containers. Putting something that I use frequently is more effective than seldom used stuff that I would forget what's up there.

On one side I made a shelf out of a vinyl floor tile so I could utilize the top space and don't have to stack so many containers. On the other side I used a vertical spring loaded divider.

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I like your idea of storing the seldom-used vases there; the grease *will* wash off them, and if you use them seldom enough, you probably will want to wash them first anyway.

Mustangs' approach is interesting! If it's something used often, it probably doesn't end up getting so terribly dirty (sort of like, frequently used silver doesn't need polishing often)

I don't have the venting stuff up there, so I store all the pitchers there.

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My above cooktop storage is reduced by the duct work for my vent. But it's a perfect spot for spare rolls of paper towels. I live in earthquake country -- no glassware up there for me.

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spare paper towels, or packages of paper napkins, are perfect for above-the-head storage anywhere in a kitchen. But it's especially smart to use the over-the-stove storage for that, bcs any cooking grease residue will get on the outside of the package, which will be discarded!

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Crossstitch, My over stove storage space is also significantly reduced reduced by the vent. That's why I had to invent some shelving to maximize the space. I used a stick on floor tile cut down to fit the space; as barckets, I cut strips from the tile and stuck one horizontally on each side then laid the makeshift shelf on the makeshift brackets. It holds the containers since they are lightweight.

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Pot lids, in a rack that holds them upright (it's from an old dishwasher). This is my kitchen-saving invention, to store pot lids separate from the pots, and where I can quickly and easily get them when I realize I need them (I'm tall, so it works). Keeps both my pot drawers and my counters sane. My counters are so small that two pot lids left lying out will render them useless. Quick to put them away, quick to get them out.

Also the sieves, which I often use to drain vegetables or pasta, and have to grab in a hurry. Egg cups too, but used much less often... and then a few bowls and stuff that isn't often used.

But most importantly, the stuff I sometimes need to grab quickly when I'm at the stove.

If you're not tall, perhaps a step stool in the vicinity would help?

Karin L

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Karin1, that's brilliant!
I always remember I need a lid when I'm MID-cooking, not at the beginning.

Of course, it helps that you're tall, drat you!

Re: the step stool:
In my dream kitchen, there's a little alcove in the cabinetry that a Kik-Step stool slides right into.

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Storing pot and pan lids makes me crazy, I guess because I have way too many of them as I love cookware. But to the point of my post, I found the IKEA collapsible lids to be a brilliant idea. My cookware is mostly high-end stuff so I wasn't sure I would use these but it turns out that I could get rid of lids and use these 3 universal collapsible lids to replace numerous lids that came with the pots. They come in 3 sizes. They are glass and stainless steel so in my book they are perfect.

Here is a link that might be useful: Collapsible Lids

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Mustangs, I have been looking for universal lids for my bowls, for keeping leftovers in the fridge - I will look into those, thank you.

Not sure I'd get rid of my regular pot lids (sigh); I can't get rid of much...

Actually, for the OP or anyone trying to figure out what to put into unused kitchen real estate, the pot lid idea came to me when I looked at my cluttered counters one day and said "what is really causing the problem here; what is it that I don't know what to do with?" and the answer for me was the lids (the other was cutting boards, which I have now hung on the wall).

The other thing that is now increasingly clogging up my counters (which, if I clear, I like TOTALLY clear) is stuff heading for recycling - bottles, cans, jars. It seems like the more environment-friendly we get, the more my house has to function as a transfer station. In addition to paper etc, I can now recycle plastic film, all hard plastic, foil-lined bags, styrofoam, milk cartons, milk bottles, and of course refundable containers, but I have to separate it all. I rinse it all, and then.... ? This doesn't all go in curbside pick-up; some does, the rest I take to two different depots.

So if an empty space suddenly materializes somewhere, my first thought is "empty bottles?" And over the stove might be perfect for that - who cares if it gets greasy?

Karin L

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I store all the foil, saran wrap, baggies, etc. over the stove. I have a lot, 2 kinds of foil, foil sheets, parchment sheets, wax paper (my fave), saran, etc.

That IKEA lid looks nice, I just picked up a new nonstick pan set that came w/o lids, & I really liked the glass lid on the one they replaced.

Another re step stool-We keep a step ladder between the fridge & the wall, fits perfectly.

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I have a cook top and wall oven now, but in our last home I stored my cookbooks and cooking spray. I don't remember them every getting greasy though. Maybe I used them often enough.

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Thanks for sharing, everyone. It's interesting to see how that space is used by others.

I realized when I got done with the cabinet, that it is the place where kitchen things go to die- so to speak. I move the least used (but dishwasher washable items) into that cabinet until I decide at long last that we never use them. I moved some pilsner glasses and cocktail shakers up there (along with the vases)- writing on the wall? We'll see if those end up in the next thrift store donation!

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Cathy, I recently found and bought the other two sizes of your IKEA lids on ebay, and am happy to get them! The largest fits a big stainless bowl I keep in the oven, and use for dough when I bake bread. I love a perfect fit! I thought it was a nice idea when Mustangs first shared these with us; since then I am SOLD on these for the amount of space they don't use!

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Hey, CdL I was just (like 30 minutes ago) thinking about you and how it would be fun if we would have an opportunity to go to The Container Store together.

*BTW CdL and I are face-to-face friends and we have numerous things in common including anal organization tendencies.

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Well, I'm overdue a visit to The Container Store! Sadly, the closest one is a four hour drive, but I'm up for it. Maybe you should leave the tropics for the Midwest and come stay with me a few days!

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One thing I'll add about my storage of pot lids over the stove... another reason why it is so convenient is that (I confess) I feel that pot lids don't need to be washed after every use. This is perhaps my version of the drip cabinet, as I recently read... somewhere... is a Scandinavian idea.

I have an absorbent cloth under the rack that holds the lids, and so a lid can be put away immediately even if it has some condensation on it (say, from boiling water for pasta).

Karin L

Here is a link that might be useful: modern version

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Karin, We had that arrangement in the villa we rented in Tuscany about 10 years ago; it was so efficient. I don't always wash the lid either; I inspect the lid then it depends on need to clean.

CdL, Ray and I have talked about heading up your way then on to Co. It's been hard making travel plans this year for several reasons. I will give you plenty of heads up if we do.

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Cathy, OK! Should that happen, I'll meet you in St. Louis and we'll go shopping!

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Just noticed Mustangs lid link. The closest IKEA is 299 miles away and I've never been there. Went to the one in San Fran when visiting our daughter when she was stationed near by.
Anyway it reminded me of the space saving multi fit lid I found at Target to fit all my sauce pans. All my other pans have lids of their own so I used to borrow one of them.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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justgotabme, THAT works! I like it. Does the handle fold down on your lid? I prefer a lid with a steam vent which yours provides.

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Actually that isn't exactly like mine. I didn't even notice the steam vent. It looks as though the handle does not fold down. You can find it at the link below or just Google Multi size pan lid.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pan Lid

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