Does anyone here use Palm software for cleaning/family schedule?

fkbbMarch 18, 2008

I have a "smartphone" (Treo) and use the palm software. When I look at the calendar on the screen, I have my children's activites color-coded (blue and green). I have my household cleaning schedule color-coded (pink). I have misc. to-do's in purple and birthdays/anniversarys in yellow. Menu planning is in orange.

It looks great on the screen, but when I print the weekly schedule to hang on the fridge, it only prints in black and white. Is there a way around this? It's so frustrating for my kids especially to have to weed through all of my stuff to find out what they have going on.

I've called Palm and Verizon and no one is able to give me an alternative. I know there must be some other option out there! Thanks for any help!

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If it's possible (I don't know the system) what about e.g. underlining all of the kids' stuff, italicizing yours, bolding something else?

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Interesting: I too use a Treo, and have a color coded calendar on my laptop & printed output but the colors don't show on my Treo. I use Microsoft Entourage (Mac version of Outlook). Either program supports Categories, which can be color coded & then assigned to each event. Since the Treo can only support about 14 categories, you want to keep these broad. Mine include: Personal (me), DH, DS, School, Holiday, Family, Friends, Travel, Recreation, Vendors (all businesses). The calendar also insists on None & Junk categories. You could also add Work or Office for outside the home employment. Apple's iCal also supports color coded categories.

I don't miss color in my Treo calendar, but I sure would on my laptop. DH saw my color coded calendar & set his up this way too. He prints out his calendar to carry around a month at a glance for meetings & a copy for his office manager.

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