a magician's wisdom on clutter

talley_sue_nycMarch 10, 2012

On one of my other web forums, one of the members is a magician.

In a discussion about the etiquette of goody bags, he posted a link to his website where he answers the question about goody bags.


And he says:

"you AND your child will have the only thing anyone can ever really keep: a cherished memory of sharing a happy day "


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I agree. Goody bags, worthless participation trophies, happy meal toys, and cheap incentive prizes seem to me to be major contaminents of unfettered materialism that infect our beautiful, innocent children and make them think that stuff really matters.

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My 2 daughters were involved in all sorts of activities-softball, soccer,dance, gymnastics,etc. Every activity awarded them a trophy of some kind. They were neatly placed on shelves in my kids' bedrooms. Over the years, the girls put the trophies in the trash. And they even took down the shelves and threw them out to make their rooms more spacious. I was very pleased at their self-regulation. Neither one is messy. Another thing that "disappeared" were those stupid "Beanie Babies" stuffed toys that were so popular years ago.

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