put it on the wall!

talley_sue_nycMarch 31, 2012

OK, I've got nuts over the idea of hanging stuff, or putting stuff, on the wall instead of on a shelf or in a drawer.

(I'm a NYer--we build up)

Just this morning I looked at the stuff in the bottom of the closet and thought, "Those little brushes have holes in the tops of them! Instead of leaving them to fall over in the too-shallow-for-them basket."

(see below at the left)

And of course, I'm capitalizing on the walls at the edges of the triangular corner, where the shelf is way too narrow to hold anything useful.

I thought about putting pegboard or sheet metal (even better--metal pegboard?) on the back wall of this closet.

I hung awkwardly shaped toys on the sides of my kids' bookshelves.

I saw a row of coat hooks hung on the wall above the baseboard to hold shoes.

I've thought about pegboard on the wall of my entryway, or on the back of the bookcase.

I cut apart shoe pockets and staple-gunned them to the sides of a bookcase. (If I had a different type of closet door, I might have taken cocontom's advice about shoe pockets for the junk drawer--except that the pockets tend to be too gappy for stuff like pliers, esp. since I didn't want to group things)

And then I ran across this product:


It's a gel adhesive that will hold little things to the wall!

So let's all post our great successes or cool products --or even the ideas we've had but never really acted on-- for putting stuff on the wall. (or the door)

Here is a link that might be useful: Sticky Wall Organizer

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That's a good idea, cute product. I think it'd be great for an office or craft room.

I use a lot of the 3M hooks that pop back off, they never mar the walls and nowadays come in some fancier styles. Use them in the kitchen, bedroom and inside cupboards, too. Too bad they won't work on a paneled wall though.

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Oh, I love the Sticky Wall Organizer! Thanks for sharing.

I too hang when it's doable. Some times the hole in a brush, etc, isn't stable enough for the hook I might be using so I use zip ties to make a loop. For example, I hang my stapler but there isn't a hook so I made one by threading a zip tie through the metal rod at the end of the stapler; now it hangs perfectly in the office organizer which has hooks.

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ooh, mustangs, I do that "use a cable tie to make a loop" thing. Or twine.

I forgot about that!

Love that you do it with your stapler.

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jomuir, I love the Command hooks, etc., too! The great thing about them is that you can guess where to put stuff because you could change your mind if you wanted to. (to me, that's the biggest plus for pegboard)

And you don't have to get out the drill!!

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jomuir -- you just gave me an incredible idea!

I want to take some L-brackets and mount them on the wall to become hooks for the duct tape, etc., in my triangle closet.

Instead of getting out the drill, I'm going to attach them with one of the extra Command strips from my stash! The back of the bracket is perfectly flat, so it ought to stick. And then I don't have to drill--which is nice because if I get the positioning wrong, I can change it MUCH more easily!

And it's faster.


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Well, I'm not sure it worked--one of them popped off the wall and took paint with it. (then again, the paint inside that closet wasn't all that securely in place)

But we'll see. At the very least, it'll let me see if the positioning works.

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What a neat product that sticky wall stuff is. My concern would be cat hair though. With four cats I'm not sure that would work for me.
Mustangs that's a great idea to use zip ties to hang things like your stapler.
I used stick on hooks in the back of my utility cabinet to hold handle bags for my trash and the little storage bag that holds the extra bags right next to it. Nothing fancy, but it works.

Something I recently did was to purchase Sterilite containers to store my food storage containers in. I now have a fourth small container they were out of when I got the idea. I sorted by shape or use with the containers in the larger tubs with their lids in the smaller tubs. No more do I have to get on my knees to find a container that got shoved to the back.

This is actually an old item I had that I no longer used for it's intended purpose of sorting mail, but it works great organizing sewing items for a current project. At the time I took this picture I was making pillow cases.

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Justgotabme, That's outstanding! Love the repurposed mail sorter.

This is before my recent reorganization after having pull-out shelves installed, which I love and can't believe I waited all this time to get. The pain of the cost left me quickly--kinda like having a baby. This is a base cabinet so it would be hard to see contents of the bins hence the labels.

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justgotabme - Thanks for playing! This is exactly what I was hoping for.

I love, love, love the hooks above the shelf. Brilliant.

And the Sterilite boxes used as "drawers" in the upper cabinets--VERY sharp! Love that they fit so nicely--lucky you.

And I also love the organizer for the *current* sewing project. That's really smart. Something I would want to do, if I had room to keep the current project out.

And did everybody notice mustangs' closely spaced shelves? She added an extra one so that she could make the move of her vertical space.

Glad to hear you put in pull-out shelves. You'll have to show us pics!!

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Thank you mustangs and talley sue nyc. I've been obsessive about organizing for as long as I can remember. Even as a child I color coded my clothes as well as placing them by sleeve/leg length in my closet.
mustangs, I love the labeled bins. I know I should get a labeler, but just haven't talked myself into spending the money on one yet. Until then when I do need labels I hand write them. Luckily I print quite nicely. I've often thought that the upper shelves on base cabinets shouldn't shallower so one could see what's on the bottom shelf better. And making two is a great idea to keep from the need to stack things too high. The mesh basket is a great idea for all the small items too.
talley sue nyc, I love playing along when it's about organizing. I need to come here more often.
The hooks in the cabinet was something I did because I wanted to recycle handle bags but didn't like having a small waste basket under the sink. The Clorox wipes help keep it clean, but I've since placed a tray under the bag to catch drips from coffee grounds and such that can be removed and washed at the sink. The lower two shelves are used for recycling because even though the recycle bins are out in the garage only seven feet away everyone seemed to just sit the recyclables on the counter on the other side of the wall oven. Drove me crazy so I came up with this inside recycle center and for the most part it works.
The Sterilite containers are actually in base cabinets. Which is what makes them work so well. No more stooping since unlike mustangs I've yet convinced myself to put in pull out shelves. Probably because I feel like we'd have to make our own. We are super big on DIYing.
I'm sure you've all used these little plastic drawer organizers before, but I like paring them with the craft store mini zipper bags to keep them even tidier.

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What brand are your drawer organizers? Are those Rubbermaid? I like the Rubbermaid ones beset, but they don't make a 1x2 unit. They have the little square 1x1, and the longer 1x3 (that your utility knife is in), but I've wanted some 1x2, and they just don't make them.

I have Goo Gone and a gree utility knifen, too! One thing I discovered about the Altoid tins is that for stuff like these little pieces, it forced them to travel *up*, into that top 1" of the drawer, without letting them spread out across the bottom of the drawer.

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My guess is they are Rubbermaid talley sue nyc, but I'm not sure. I did this when we first moved into our home eight and a half years ago. Last I looked they are way more expensive than they were when I bought them and they come in group pack which doesn't always work for my needs. It's funny they don't make the one by two. I don't think I've seen that in any brand.
I was lucky enough to get four or five of the two by three and a couple one by threes at a garage sale for a quarter each. Boy did I grab those babies fast. They were red and beige, but I didn't care, their in my desk drawers keeping things neat.
I need to remember to have my hubby save his Altoid tins to use. They'd come in very handy I'm sure!

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here's another "on the wall" product--well, "on the back of the door"


It's the Bottoms spare-toilet-paper holder; a stick-on holder for putting on the back of the bathroom-cabinet door.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bottoms spare-toilet-paper holder

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I use magnets to stick my nail file, scissors, tweezers to the back of the mirror in my bathroom cabinet, or to the side walls, or back wall.

If you want to use magnets for something like that but don't have a metal surface, you can use one of these strips of metal to put there.

I could even use them in my triangular closet! But I don't think I need anything in there right now.

Here is a link that might be useful: Container Store's magnetic strip

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Thanks! I use magnets to the point where I fear that I might create force field in my house LOL.

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This is a magnetic spice rack on the side of my refrigerator cabinet. The magnetic backing and spice tins were purchased online. The backing is glued to a piece of luan that was cut to size at Home Depot. My carpenter made the frame from antique cherry flooring that a friend gave to me; I finished it with Waterlox.

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Very nice! Thanks for sharing.

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Wow! Way cool! And everything is aligned to straightly! (well, except for the ginger; it looks a little high.)


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