Christmas by the Month - March!

jamie_mtMarch 1, 2005

So how did we do last month, guys and gals? Did everyone meet their goals? :-)

I spent an entire day crocheting chenille squares for a christmas afghan, so I'm actually ahead on that one, but I didn't get my "quip" written for the month, because nothing really "notable" happened in Feb. to include in a christmas newsletter. I did try a couple new recipes though, so for my February "addition" to the newsletter, I'm going to include a very simple dessert recipe that I tried and loved last month. Maybe people will enjoy getting a few recipes or other "bits of info" in the Christmas newsletter too, rather than just stuff about me, eh? Something they can actually *use*...

As for this month, I'm working on birthday presents for a few people & trying to get a head start on Mother's day, but I still have a few christmas goals in mind:

1. Continue making afghan squares for Dad's christmas afghan. At least one per week, but maybe just take one whole day to make a bunch again.

2. Find something interesting to add to the christmas newsletter for this month. I think maybe a quote from the book I'm reading currently - it's by a Montana author, and has some profound insights in it.

3. I want to make 4 table sets for my "basket" christmas gifts this year (and one extra gift "just in case") that will include crocheted placemats, a centerpiece "mat" or runner, coasters in a holder and napkin rings. So I think I'll try to crochet one set of napkin rings this month to get started on those.

4. Since I'm making napkin rings, I'd like to find some reasonably priced cloth napkins to go in the baskets with them...I'll look for a set of those this month as well - I'll be shopping for salad bowls for my MIL's birthday anyways, so will be in the general vicinity for cloth napkins too.

And that is *it* for me this month - I'm sure that will keep me busy!! LOL

So what will *you* do to get ready for Christmas '05 this month? ;-)

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I'm slower than I had hoped.

Facecloths - 1 complete and in drawer, another is 1/2 done.
Socks for sister - the legs are nearly done.

So this month.
Finish sister's socks, block and put away.
Start another knitted gift.
Buy *one* frame for painting to give away.

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I bought my Mom and Aunt a gift and they have arrived. All I need to do is put them into my Christmas Gift Suitcase so I will be able to find them when Christmas arrives.Only a couple more gifts left to get or make.


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