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Maura63March 2, 2006

The most frequently used items that I use and keep in my wallet are cash, and a few credit cards, and my license. Added to this is a bunch of receipts that I weed through regularly.

Often I grab just my wallet to run into the grocery store and so I don't want it to be overstuffed with unnecessary frequent buyer cards and credit cards. (Supermarket discount cards are on the keyring.)

I guess the answer for storing all the "extras" would be a second wallet?

What do you do to simplify and streamline this often cluttered aspect of day-to-day errands?

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I keep my money in an inside pocket of my coat, and use my wallet only for my license, credit cards, health insurance card, stuff like that. I keep receipts in one drawer in my house and I weed through them regularly. Last week all my Christmas receipts were ripped up and put in the trash. I guess no one wants to exchange anything and everything works!

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When the zipper on my old wallet broke recently, I had to figure out what I wanted in a new wallet. I knew I wanted something small to hold cash, license, some change, a credit card, insurance card and AAA card. So I got a nice small wallet for that. I have a purse that has a section to hold some cards - I use those for library cards, some seldom used store cards, frequent buyer cards would go in there. I found an old checkbook holder (probably came with an old purse) that had 4 or 5 slots for cards, and I put the more often used cards in there - much easier to get to than having to open a wallet. Everything else, I got rid of.

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I'd like to get a coin purse for cash.

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I carry a pretty small purse. The little bit of cash, credit cards, and store card I need are in a zippered pocket on the outside of the purse.

This way I can keep my cell phone and a few other things I need (like Tums and apirin) in the larger center area. I have a larger zippered area for all of the cards I want to carry but don't frequently need like car, health insurance, library, etc. I keep my checkbook on that side also, since I rarely write a check but want it handy.

I never change purses until one breaks and then I look for the same type of features in the new one. I don't use my pockets anymore after forgetting a house key in the winter coat and having to have the place re-keyed. Of course, I found it the next fall when I put the coat back on.


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Unlike my messy desk, I have this one down pretty well. For 40 years I have carried the same "shlep" replaced only when it is too embarrassing to be seen with. It has one inside zippered pocket that now holds my cell, keys, a cardholder for museum/library cards, and some loose change.

I have a flat european wallet (passport size) that falls to the bottom of the shlep which holds credit cards, one check, subway/bus pass, cash and receipts which I throw out once a month. The rest of the space in the shlep is for a bagette, file folder or two, a book. A newly purchased sweater can be folded up small enough to fit. Even a pair of shoes on sale (no box) can fit.

Nothing else has ever worked for me.

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I carry a wallet with key cain. I's basically designed to carry a few credit cards and some change. It simplifies things so I don't have to manage a purse and kids.

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I have found no easy answer to this.

For years, I stuffed cards & ID in the inside "pockets" of my checkbook cover and skipped a wallet. That didn't work very well.

Last year I switched to a "real" wallet with a built-in zipper change purse, checkbook holder, and credit card slots. That works better, but I'm not happy with the bulk.

Ideally I could survive day-to-day with nothing but my drivers license, health insurance card, and one credit card. In real life, I'm too spontaneous and "need" to have, for example, my Costco card with me when I decide I have time to stop and shop on my way home from work.

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