belated thank you

tre3March 6, 2007

Although you don't know it (cuz I've been a lurker!) the info and energy I've gotten from this forum have been incredible. Without your help I would not have been as well prepared to host my extended family for the holidays.

The holidays were my incentive. Now that those have past and the winter doldrums have set in, I am struggling again.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you have provided. Please keep the postings coming. Your questions and advice energize me and help clarify what works and doesn't work for my STUFF and in my life. I NEED the encouragement!!! I still have a long way to go.

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I hear you when you talk about the winter doldrums. They set in for me too once the cold bitter winter arrived. Today is the first day that it feels like spring is on the way with bright blue skies. I'm getting in the mood again to finish up all my projects. It figures that I'd want to stay in to do this when the weather is nice outside instead of when I was stuck indoors during the winter.

Who's with me in getting their house organized?

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I need to work on my home--mostly, I just need to deal w/ all the recently accumulated messes! I won't be able to get to any forward motion for a little while bcs of all the old stuff.

Like all the kids' paint, which came off the shelf for the bday party, and I don't want to put it back! (for one thing, I bought a whole bunch more, like a dope)

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oh, and, tre3

thanks for the thanks!

And congrats on being so well prepared to host the family for the holidays! You deserve big credit for that!

It's good to know all our chattering has inspired someone. We will bask in your reflected glory, LOL!

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I'll gratefully accept the pats on the back. I can usually motivate myself for a BIG event but now that we are back to the day to day....
Marie26- Your winter is OVER??? We just got another 2 to 3 inches last night. Spent part of this morning shoveling potty paths for our puppy. I know that as soon as moderately warm weather hits here, and the snow FINALLY melts, I'll want to be outside..even if that means sweeping all the street grit out of my garage!
So... I am with you. We need to organize our houses(lives)to free up time to enjoy life. In posts from the past many challenges were issued. Should they be revived?
Talley Sue(wise one)-what kind of paints? Are there duplicate colors, dried up containers, pots with only a smidge left. You know to do, you throw them out! That's what you do!
Your support means a lot to me, T

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My winter seemed over with a record high yesterday of 61. And today it will be in the 50's. Tomorrow, though, back to 40's. I live in a valley surrounded by the Rockies and we're lucky because the snow hardly ever stays and even when it comes it's only a couple of inches each time.

Although I woke up tired today, I've already got a huge pot of soup cooking on the stove. I'll then freeze it.

I wrote a new list last night, breaking it down into sections of things that must be done. I have the filing cabinet in dd's room. She moved back home after it was placed there. I'm going to move it out and then put all the papers (which, thankfully, are in neat piles in several spots in the house) and dh's boxed up papers into it. I'll also finally get rid of all those that don't need to be saved any longer. The folks here have given me the courage to throw out last year's and before's utility and credit card statements, etc.

After the papers, then I'll separate out the wires and clean the mbr closet and my night table.

Then there's the hall closet which houses tools. I'll go through that as well as the tool box from the garage.

When the weather finally stays warm, I'll tackle the garage. I haven't given the toys to Goodwill yet and will need to get those in the car to take over there.

I do have about 50 broken down boxes in the garage from my last move and any that I've received from ordering off of the internet. I'm not worried about bugs on them but I figured out that it would cost me about $100.00 to rebuy these boxes. I know it makes sense to finally get rid of them all. Should I need to move on my own instead of getting a company move when we leave here, I'll just have to get rid of the guilty feeling of buying what I already owned.

That's my plan for now, subject to change at will or as needed.

I wish I could get rid of this tired feeling and get to it. But I had 4 cavities filled at the dentist's yesterday and my mouth still hurts. How's that for an excuse?

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basic Crayola poster paints, or tempera paints. No dried up containers (well, there won't be when I'm done, but I think a couple of them are getting dried out), only a few duplicate colors. I probably should throw them out; the kids don't use them THAT often, though now and then I grab them for Sunday school, or something.

I'm thinking I'll just get a box, and stick them on a high shelf (if I have any ROOM on a high shelf). If I need them, I'll cheerfully climb for them.

Or, maybe send some off to the day-care center at church. I'd take them back to the store, but I tossed the toss they came in already.

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Since you use them for Sunday school is there a place there for supplies?
I also like boxed on a high shelf. During a remodel I purposely put a narrow shelf up above the shelf in my coat closet(9 ft ceiling). It is not easy access but makes the perfect place for bins of mittens, hats and scarves when they are out of season(WHEN?) or bins of sunscreen, bug repellent and gardening hats when the weather is warm(WHEN???). The extra space is welcome and out of sight unless you stand in the door of the closet and crane your neck up!

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Hey, tre. Don't feel bad. We are still in the dead of winter, although it's the norm for us so I'm not feeling antsy for spring yet. Somehow, those winter doldrums aren't getting to me this year. This morning I was out doing crosswalk duty before school. 45 min. out in another snow storm seems to get me moving!


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Quiltglo you and I can't be the only ones looking at pics of grills and patio furniture and lawn mowers while looking out the window at SNOW!
I'll just keep telling myself that this is the perfect time to get stuff done inside. If I keep saying it often enough maybe I'll do something!
The good news is that it is light so much longer now and this weekend we spring forward. I love looking at the clock in the evening and marveling that it is still light!

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I seem to be having a hard time getting motivated as well...Glad to see that I'm not the only one marveling at the fact that it's still light when I'm making dinner...We have at least a foot of snow on the ground and it's been in the single digits for most of the week. I wish I could be packing up all the winter stuff, but I guess that won't be in the cards for a while....I'm going to have another cup of coffee and see if I can find a project for today. Good luck, all!

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Isn't it amazing how weather and light levels can impact our energy. It snowed earlier this week and now we have experienced weather in the 40's. Wed. we are supposed to hit 60!! Snow is melting, sloppy grass is revealed. Between just getting rid of snow and ice and the sun, I feel envigorated! Posting here has really helped too.
Valtog don't dispair the snow will melt, eventually. Went ever I pack up the winter stuff we seem to have a downturn in the weather. You can bet my bin of mittens, etc is going to be sitting on its shelf for a good long while...May at least!

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