wishful thinking....

Maura63March 4, 2005

Just the little things, nothing "BIG" here...

If you could modify something, or improve on its design, even just a little, what would it be?

* I would prefer plastic grocery bags to be white -- just cause I use them to line small garbage pail -- (and it would be asking too much not to have advertising on them!)

* Ya know those 3-drawer-Sterlite units? I store 8x11 paper in one: looseleaf, graph paper, and black paper, and keep it near where the kids do their HW. I *wish* for these drawers to open from the longer side, so that the unit fits on the bookshelf. (Rubbermaid, are you reading?)

Within REASON, what do you "wish" for? (No fantasies allowed.)

(Who knows, maybe "the powers that be" from corporations check in on us sometimes!)

Have a great weekend!


Here is a link that might be useful: please make these sideways.....

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I wish all the wooden jewelry boxes had drawers that go ALL THE WAY to the back of the cabinet. I don't understand why they don't. Kitchen cabinets, too, for that matter.

I wish kitchen-cabinet maters would maximize the usable space--stop leaving 1/4 to 3/8 inch everywhere as a safety margin--it adds up.

(I think someone somewhere DOES make drawer units like that that open sideways--they're probably very office-y or industrial looking.)

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I wish there wasn't so much garbagey looking stuff out there. Things like trophy bass fish that sing, plastic daisies that dance when you clap your hands, stupid looking signs for your yard, etc. All this stuff is so worthless. It's funny, yes, but since it has no use and is a drain on resources. I wish these types of things would go away.

What I would wish for is that things would be designed more to please the eye. I know that when manufacturers make things, the cheaper items are made to look so, and the more expensive items are nicer looking.

All in all, I guess I'm judging people's taste. It is a perpetual source of wonder that so much tacky stuff eventually sells to someone. People could do so much more with their time and money then buy poorly designed and poorly made products.

I often wonder what the Little House on the Prairie family, the Ingalls, would think if they stepped into our time and saw how much useless stuff there is. They would be appalled with my home!

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