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talley_sue_nycMarch 31, 2012

The last puzzle in my "convenience drawer" section of the triangular closet is the light bulbs.

I've had this tall box into which I dropped all the littler light bulbs (appliance bulbs--3 of them, I've discovered, which are only for the fridge!; night-light bulbs--I'm down to only 1; flame-shaped bulbs for the DR fixture--why only 40W, and not 60?; other odd ones).

You can see it here (the tall turquoise box on the right):

I've been debating whether to go with a three-drawer unit or a two-drawer, now that I've put tools on the wall and eliminated a bunch of true junk.

The plan is to make my own light-bulb storage drawer to sit on top of the shelf unit.

Here's the current 3-drawer unit. See how much more space I'd have above it if it were 2 drawers?

(note: the shelf it supports is going away; and the light-bulb box would be the same width, I think)

I went searching for a 2-drawer plastic-drawer unit and had trouble finding one. I've seen them before--I own one. I spent some time trying to decide if I should move my existing ones around. Or whether I should buy a stackable single-drawer unit.

Then I had a light-bulb moment: Shallow drawers are easier to use than deep ones.

Plus, a lot of those bulbs are small. So I'll turn the top drawer into light-bulb storage and have a shorter drawer up above for the rest of the light bulbs!

After all, the reason I have so many appliance bulbs is that I couldn't see them easily in the bottom of that box!

This puts me a LOT closer to actually being done.

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Very impressive closet organization, Tallysue! I like the idea of keeping spare light bulbs in a box together.

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I love little drawers and containers for organizing smaller items. It really makes accessing them much easier.
As for the rest of your items have you thought about getting plastic trays that can be slid out for easy access to the items in the back?

I did something similar under my sink...

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