Discarding stuff is great! Discarding stuff is awful!

alisandeMarch 6, 2009

I know I'm rehashing subjects that have been discussed here many times before, but I figure it can't hurt to revisit them.

With an old house, no built-ins, and almost no closets, a lot of my office supplies, cleaning products, and assorted other things have been residing in big plastic bins, awaiting more suitable storage. Well, D-Day is here: I have a nice big desk now, and last week the contractor completed my new laundry alcove, complete with wall cabinets.

I'm eyeing the desk, cabinets, and bins, and it's clear that the contents of the last are not going to fit in the first and second. Therefore, what's left over will have to go back to a bin or be thrown away.

No More Bins!! (It's my new mantra.) So . . . time to get out my old mantra: Ruthless. I know once this stuff is out of here I'll feel lighter and empowered. But I also know the process isn't easy. I'll be besieged by negative thoughts . . . you'll need this again someday . . . oooh, remember when you bought that? You should keep it! Life is never simple.

Your thoughts/tips are appreciated.


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I have those same thoughts. The worst one is: I wish I had the money back I paid for this item instead of the item itself.

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I LOOOOVE office supplies, always have, always will. I can go into Staples and be in a complete trance for hours! But good grief, how many pencils, stationery, pens, paper clips (do you know how many devices there are to fasten two pieces of paper together) etc. does one need. LOL

For me, much of my downsizing comes right down to 'need' and 'want'.

Maybe if you selected the amount you 'need' of the stuff and put it away in it's new home, you'll have an accurate idea of space requirements. Then, if there is any extra, pick and choose from the extra until you are satisfied. Then donate the rest. And remember to not fill the new space to a point of overload.

I remember when you got your new desk set up and the peace you experienced from the bareness of it all.

Good luck, and hang in there.


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i've been storing not only our stuff but my MIL's stuff since she passed away going on 3 years..still waiting for the acct to finish up her paperwork, hopefully this week, and then we can close her files and get this stuff out of our house.

it takes up a LOT of room

i've been sending stuff away on craigslist, and very proud of myself there..as it has freed up room in my house..and i've been replacing furniture that has NO storage for furniture that has storage (coffee table, end table, console table etc) so now those items are storing thing that were in bins.


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Just imagine how happy you'll feel with all the useless stuff gone from your life. That will inspire you to pare down. Keep the special stuff that makes you smile.

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Sit down with the stuff and have a talk with it.

Ask the stuff: "Who's in charge of this cabinet...me or you (you is the stuff)? Decide what YOU think is appropriate to go back in the cabinets...not those little voices & second-guessing thoughts. You already KNOW which things are keepers and which are not. It's the little voices that rattle you and second-guess what you already know.

If you're holding an item and you're challenged, just ask yourself, "Will my or my family's quality of life change if I don't have this?" This is a Yes or No question, not a "maybe" or disclaimed answer. Don't justify. Most of the time the answer will be "no". Get rid of it knowing it...and the little voices that go with it...are gone. Move on.

That's how I make decisions when I need to clear things out.

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