telling neighbors about fence plans

singingtreesApril 28, 2008

We plan to take down a chain link fence ( on our property) and replace with cedar. Reasons: privacy and beauty. Don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Not close to neighbors, casually friendly. How much notice is appropriate? Has anyone done this and had a problem? Any and all suggestions welcomed.

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I'd just be upfront, go over and tell them sooner rather than later. I"d only talk about the beauty part, however. Also, ask if they have anything on their side that needs protecting/moving. At least give them the chance to move plantings on their side.

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In my town it's required that you inform abutters of construction, fencing and major landscaping (something like planting or removing trees) projects within a certain number of feet of the property line before the project begins, especially if the project requires that anyone go over the property line for installation or maintenance. We're fencing in our backyard this summer and told the neighbors (I couldn't even tell you their names, mind you) as soon as we knew we were going to do so. The project requires removing about 20 smallish scrubby Norway maples (horrible invasive things); even though they're all on our side of the property line they do provide shade to both yards in the summer so this weekend we're going to walk the property line with them and pick out three or four of the best ones to leave so that both yards are still pleasant places to be in the summer. It's just a nice thing to do.

I'm sure you already know this but remember that most jurisdictions require that the "pretty" side of the fence face the neighbors.

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My nasty neighbor behind me paid someone to replace our fence without telling me, and I found out because the NICE people on their street brought my dog to my front door, after he had taken off when I let him out the back door to go potty and there was no longer a fence there (unknown to me until they brought him to my door.)

Needless to say, I was NOT happy/sick to my stomach, because we have a very busy road in between their street and mine. All it would have taken is an FYI note on my door.

Fortunately they moved not long after. (Did I mention they also put the ugly side to me AND the installer used 3 inch nails on 1/4 inch boards, making the 2 1/2 inches sticking out all along my side the fence very dangerous???)

Carla in Sac

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Our neighbors on 1 side agreed to pay half the cost of the new fence that was inbetween our properties. We're on a corner so the other side was the street, and the man in back of us couldn't possibly have afforded to help out. The old fence was a mishmash of ugly junk, so we were all better off. Guess we were lucky!

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It is the nice thing to do. I got rather annoyed with my neighbor for a similar reason.

We have a shared driveway, essentially,its about as wide as a 2 car driveway that is on the property line. small lots.

I wake up saturday to find he is having his side paved, we previously had dirt and a few rocks. I moved my car and was polite, but was rather mad and I think his 20 yr old son overheard my ranting a little in the backyard, so they told us when they put a fence down the property line....

Be nice, give them plenty of notice. You're not asking, but notice is definately nice and point out anything to the contracts to be particularly careful of on their side.

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