a cool 'gadget' for your wallet

talley_sue_nycMarch 26, 2008

Rummaging around in the links on Jason's blog, I found a reference to this thing called a wallet buddy.

Basically, it's a little envelope (you print their PDF out on paper, cut it out, fold it, and glue it together) sized just right for your debit card or credit card.

Then when you pull out your plastic to buy something, the list will remind you to think again about whether you need to spend the money.

You could use this to hold gift cards, too, and then just write the amount that's left (though the folks at Barnes&Noble do that right on your card w/ a Sharpie)

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That is cool. Although I don't really have a problem with overspending, I like the ''advice'' on the sleeve, and a reminder never hurts. I often keep only one credit card in my bag, and I like having something to slip it into that doesn't require a wallet; this works well. I also like the idea of putting a gift card into this. Thanks! I've printed, cut and pasted and am bookmarked for the future.

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This one is much more "ecology" oriented, than money oriented, actually.

But if you wanted, you could copy their outline, and put in your own text.

Like "You're saving for Aruba!" on your credit/debit card(s), or "Buy something frivolous" on a gift card you're giving away.

You could make a new one for each week, and write the amounts you spend, on it. That would let you keep a closer track on what you're spending.

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Thanks for posting this, I love it. I think it will help curb impulsive, unnecessary buying - especially at Target, where I just run around wildly throwing stuff into my cart. The things you buy really do reflect your goals and values. It's easy to forget that sometimes, and I like this little reminder! Thanks again!

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