Organizing Computer Manuals or whatever

Julie_MI_Z5March 19, 2006

We are a family of 4 computers (2 here, 2 away at college). Here's what I've decided:

Every computer gets a personal zip lock bag. All stuff regarding that computer gets stuffed in the bag. I'm going to mark on the bag which computer or printer it is, and I'm going to stuff the bags somewhere. I'm also going to do the same with cell phones.

I think this will work for us and help keep things where I can find them. The current system (bad!) isn't working.

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Julie -- that's a very good idea. And I will implement your plan with future incoming electronics. I just wish I could sort through and identify the current cables, charges, etc. These seem to multiply like rabbits!

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The biggest change is not having all the software in a CD box, all together. I threw out the box yesterday.

When I moved one of the computers, I had to get a longer printer cable. I've got the extra one also in a ziplock bag, labeled in case I ever move the equipment again and want a shorter cable.

Our digital camera, which came with all sorts of cables for things we rarely use, has all those cables in a ziplock bag, too.

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I do the same sort of thing - cell phone info. is in ziploc bags. But computer info was bigger, so I go some of those 1" (I think) thick accordian folders that were closed on 3 sides and used one for each computer thing - computer, DD computer, router, printer, modem, then labeled them on one of the accordian folds on the side and stuck them all on the top shelf in the office. Very convenient!

As for cables, I have gotten in the habit of labeling them as soon as I take them out of the box. I have 1/4" tape for my P-Touch and put the labels right on the cable itself (DD1 digital camera, DD2 digital camera, Mom & Dad digital camera, camcorder to computer, camcorder still pics, you get the idea. Then I stick them each in a baggie and label that (redundant, but they don't get as tangled). But the cords don't always get back into their baggies - that's why I label the cords as well. I also tend to write names on each manual we get - DD1 digital camera, DD1 calculator, etc. since we usually get the same brand, but a newer model for DD2. Then I can stick it all together on a shelf (manuals) or in a drawer (cords).

I also label all the cords attached to my computer with the P-Touch, at both ends so that if something needs to be unplugged, I know which is which without it taking forever.

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I do the same sort of thing - cell phone info. is in ziploc bags. But computer info was bigger

When I was in the grocery store the other day, I saw that someone (Ziploc? Glad?) sells really big zipper bags which look like they would hold computer info ...

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I'm fond of the 2-gallon ziplock bags. They're also handy for packing one entire change of clothes when the boys go camping with the Boy Scouts. The bags keep everything dry no matter how leaky the tent. :)

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Because each computer, camera, etc. seems to come with a different type of electric cord w/ the little tiny transformer, I have been using a silver permanent marker to write the name of the device on the cords & transformer box itself. I tried to use little sticky labels but they always fell off after about 6 months.

I think it's Ziplock that has 2 new big BIG size bags -- XL and XXL. I've been using them to put winter clothes in to store for the summer because they worked so well for storing in the garage some not-really-for-outside chair cushions this past winter. The cushions are now dust free and mice have not chewed through the bag. (my garage is not attached to the house and I feed the wild birds so have learned that mice are inevitable when you have bird seed out in the yard)

I put my washer & dryer warranty info, purchase info and operation manuals into ziplock bags and taped them to the back of the machines. I did the same with the info for the microwave but it is not taped to the oven. I took photos of installation of new sewer and water lines, put the photos in ziplock bags w/ dates and taped the bags in the closet with the hot water heater so when I sell this OLD house, I can prove it has all new plumbing! The photos also show where in the yard the water and sewer lines are now located in case someone needs to dig or needs access the lines.

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