kitchen floor has a hump

werewithallApril 9, 2007


My house was built in the 1920's.

The depth of my kitchen (from front to back) is 9 ft.

If you were to walk from front of the kitchen to the back, the first 5 ft are flat and the last 4 ft slopes upwards to the back wall (incline is 5" high).

This hump seems to be contained in the kitchen only - it is not evident in the hallway and rooms adjacent to it.

Directly below this area (in the basement) there are no irregularities in the joists etc.

The previous owner lived in the home for 30 years and said the "hump" was there when they moved in.

How can I deal with this?


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How many layers does the floor have? If the issue isn't in the joists, it's probably in the subfloors.
That age house could have several layers of linoleum, plywood, sheet vinyl, more ply, etc...

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Have you tried putting a level on the underside of the joists in the basement to see if there are really no irregularities? Our house from the 50/60s also has raised edges in the kitchen be cause the center of the house settled more than the outside. How to fix? I don't know but sounds like alot of work.

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We had a "hump" in our kitchen floor too. When we renovated the kitchen we took up all the flooring down to the joists. Then the GC came in and planed the joists so they would be flat. He was careful to say flat - not level! Ha, ha. We were afraid they would have to do work under the house, but they felt the joists were sound and solid. This only took them part of a day. Not bad at all.

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I've noticed that my kitcher floor has come unglued from the floor. The entire linoleum flooring has floated, it is of the roll type. How can I fix this without having to replace the entire floor?

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calliope may have had a home built before plumbing. I have had a couple farmhouses where the kitchen floor sloped to the exterior walls and my Daddy laughed and cleared up the mystery pretty quickly. What was my kitchen used to be a back porch and they build slopes into porches for drainage. The easiest way to add a room on was to enclose a porch and it was done all the time and often it was the kitchen got moved out to make more room in the core of the house and also get a larger, modern kitchen. In my kitchen doors led to a laundry room and there was the old trap door to the basement, and it had once been an outside trap door. I had a spring house under the kitchen so it was easy to run plumbing to the fixtures when they were installed and you could also see the change in the roof line from the main roof. Is that a possibility?

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Ralph, either reglue the flooring, or add quarter-round molding around the edges.

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