Help! Cracking caulk in bathroom!

coleen3201118April 5, 2007

Hello everyone - I am new here but I have learned so much just from reading everybody's posts. I have beadboard in my bathroom that we recently had remodeled. The caulk that was applied between the pieces of beadboard is cracking - very frustrating since we put so much work into it. I was going to go with subway tiles on the walls but was convinced to go beadboard due to cost (I'm regretting it now!) Can anyone tell me why this happened and how to fix it? Also - the tub seems to reveal cracks in the caulk only when the tub is filled. Another mystery to me - I would appreciate any ideas, comments. Thanks!

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I'd suspect your problem is the type of caulk you used. Was it specifically made for use in bathrooms?

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"The caulk that was applied between the pieces of beadboard is cracking...":
If the joints are toungue and grove, no caulk is required. The joint should be free to move.
If the joints are not TG you don ot really have beadboard.
Wood moves with humidity, and in a bathroom the movement will be larger.

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I had to recaulk our bath tub about 5 months after we installed it. We had used "bathroom and kitchen caulk" but it cracked quickly. When I recaulked I used 100% silicone caulk...more expensive and very messy to work with (wearing latex gloves will solve that problem!) and it's been 5 years now with NO CRACKING!

From now on, that's all I'll use in bathrooms. It has more elasticity and doesn't dry out like reg. caulking does, so it doesn't crack.

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The caulk that was used was incorrect. Use 100% silicone caulk. If you want to guarranty no gaps in the tub, fill it with water and stand in it while you caulk. Let the water stand in it while it cures. After 24 hours, let the water out. The tub will now raise and compress the joint instead of widening it as before.

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