shirleyinadirondacksMarch 22, 2006

Last week someone menioned a magizine that I wanted to pick up. It was either Simple Living or Real Simple and I think it was Tally Sue who talked about a couple article I wanted to read.

I CAN'T FIND THE THREAD! i've searched and searched but can't find a sign of it. Can one of you help me



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The only magazine I remember mentioning lately is Better Homes & Gardens' "Simply Perfect Storage" magazine, from its "Simply Perfect" line of special-interest magazines.

I think the issue I was talking about it off the newsstands now, but you can order it from them directly. The latest issue had a chart on the closet-systems, is why I brought it up.

Here is a link that might be useful: Simply Perfect Storage

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thanks Talley Sue

that was it. I'll check it out in a minute

thanks again

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We have that at Home Depot. Everytime I walk past it I want to pick it up. Don't think my boss would appreciate me reading it while I'm supposed to be working.LOL. Guess I could say it was for research.

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