I have roof questions too!

gamecock43April 5, 2009

My roof is damaged too. And now I am left with a big decision. Replace the existing shingle roof for a metal one??

A recent 3 day monsoon ripped several sheets of shingles off the roof. A roofer came out and said the roof was put on so poorly that this will be a reoccurring problem. The roof is 4 years old.

So I filed a claim with my homeowners policy and they are coming out in a few days to look at the damage. Our roofer said we will get enough $ to at least replace half the roof...maybe get a new roof depending on the adjuster.

My hubby and I just bought the house 2 months ago and we were told by the inspector the roof was in excellent condition.

Hubby and I like the look of metal roofs and when we purchased this house we decided to start saving up for a metal roof for when it was time to replace existing roof in 10 or more years.

Well 10 years came in 2 months and now I don't know what to do. This is our forever house. Metal roof was quoted as $13,000. Shingle roof was quoted at $8,000.

I have enough money in savings to buy a roof that was earmarked for retirement/ house emergency...but don't know what to do.

First I want to be historically accurate...did 1920's 4 square craftsmans have metal roofs??

Can someone please tell me their knowledge of the roof material differences? What upkeep does a metal roof need? Do they really last 100 years? Are metal roofs a new "trend" that will soon die out? Do they really increase the value of a home??

This is hopefully my first and last home. I love this house. I want quality, beauty and I want to be smart about it.


Below is the house:

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I have seen Foursquares with any roofing material that was available at the time, except wood shingles. (Few people want to do wood these days.) But yes, standing-seam metal, Shingle, Barrel tiles, slate, all would be perfectly appropriate. If you go from composition shingle to metal, you will also need to have the gutters rehung, because metal hangs over about an inch more than shingles. This will add cost, and may well be the deciding factor against.

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Thank you for the help Casey. My house currently has no gutters. The roofer found evidence that our gutters were tarred over when the roof was put on a few years ago. I am leaning towards metal the more I research it. I guess I would do a light red metal color? Other suggestions for color? or thoughts?

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I would love to have a metal roof. If you go shingle, even though it's five thousand dollars cheaper, you'd be doing it again in twenty years. So, by the time you re-roof again, your metal roof could have been paid for and have money left over.

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Labor is always the biggest cost in any re-roofing job, so the most durable material is always the better bargain no matter what the initial price. The $13k quote for a metal roof seems extremely reasonable especially since your house has a fairly complicated roof that will require more labor than a simpler one. Check the warranties on the material and the reputation of the roofer carefully, but if these check out you seem to have a great deal.

Wonderful house, by the way.

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I am leaning towards metal now. Maingrowers point that labor costs so much was a good one. Def dont want to pay for 60 hrs of roof labor when I have the option to pay 30 over a roofs lifetime! There are new construction townhouses behind the house (you can see one in the picture). Those townhouses have light red metal roofs...is that a color that would look good on my house?

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Of course, I can't find my copy of it right now- but I'd suggest checking out Roger Moss' books- especially "A Century of Color". One of the neat things in the book was the roofs actually- much of the time when thinking of color for a new house, the roof was an integral part of the color scheme. You have the chance to do that now, so I'd take it and choose a whole house color scheme to go with your new tin roof. If you love the current coloring of your house- which is really nice, and want that to be the color long-term, think about what color on the roof would best compliment it. If you think that light red would be the right compliment color, then go for it!

I love metal roofs, we just put a shingle roof on our house, but on our country cabin, we have a metal roof. It's a forest green and really looks great. Be aware that tin roofs make a great deal of noise during rain storms, which I love, but not everyone does-

Good luck!

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