What are you working (OR NOT!) on now?

tre3March 7, 2007

I am looking for motivation! For a few weeks I've managed to put off working on my closet.

DH and I have a small space off our bedroom that the previous owners used as a SMALL office. We've decided to create his/hers closets. DH keeps existing closet and I get to start from scratch. My goal is a closet/dressing room. The project is part organization and part decorating. This should be an exciting/fun project but I am stalled. I am avoiding making paint color choices for ceiling and walls, sanding and repainting dd's discarded desk to use as a dressing table, working on cabinetry to hold shoes, sweaters,etc.,etc.

What are you working on? Or, what are you avoiding? What baby steps can you take to get back on track?

Today I am going to 1. lightly sand cabinets and tack

  1. set up drop cloth

  2. apply a coat of oil paint (YUCK!)

I know this all sounds decorative but I need to have the structure in place so that I can get my THINGS in place!


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I wrote the following on your Thank You thread before I opened this one. I'm copying it here because this is where it belongs.

Although I woke up tired today, I've already got a huge pot of soup cooking on the stove. I'll then freeze it.

I wrote a new list last night, breaking it down into sections of things that must be done. I have the filing cabinet in dd's room. She moved back home after it was placed there. I'm going to move it out and then put all the papers (which, thankfully, are in neat piles in several spots in the house) and dh's boxed up papers into it. I'll also finally get rid of all those that don't need to be saved any longer. The folks here have given me the courage to throw out last year's and before's utility and credit card statements, etc.

After the papers, then I'll separate out the wires and clean the mbr closet and my night table.

Then there's the hall closet which houses tools. I'll go through that as well as the tool box from the garage.

When the weather finally stays warm, I'll tackle the garage. I haven't given the toys to Goodwill yet and will need to get those in the car to take over there.

I do have about 50 broken down boxes in the garage from my last move and any that I've received from ordering off of the internet. I'm not worried about bugs on them but I figured out that it would cost me about $100.00 to rebuy these boxes. I know it makes sense to finally get rid of them all. Should I need to move on my own instead of getting a company move when we leave here, I'll just have to get rid of the guilty feeling of buying what I already owned.

That's my plan for now, subject to change at will or as needed.

I wish I could get rid of this tired feeling and get to it. But I had 4 cavities filled at the dentist's yesterday and my mouth still hurts. How's that for an excuse?

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Doesn't it feel great to get something like meal planning out of the way so early in the day? Congratulations! This is something I usually forget to do until I am too tired and totally uninspired.
If I start to think of ALL the things I have to do to finish my closet project I'll get bogged down. Is your list too long? What are you doing to do today? Maybe if you just tell yourself that you only have to move the file cabinet today this will help. Than after you move it, you could gather the papers from one room or put your hubby's box of papers in the cabinet. Baby steps, baby steps.
I think new fillings give you permission to treat your self to something nice.. maybe a nap, a walk around the block, some flowers or a new magazine (after you move the cabinet!)
Funny but after my post I got to work. It only took me 30 minutes to get my stuff done. All that time wasted putting it off for 30 minutes of effort.
Now I am off to have my breasts ironed(mammogram)and my bones scanned. Then it is time for a TREAT!

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My jobs are part decorating part organizing also. We've been in this house over two years and I really need to finish up some of those smaller jobs like painting and baseboard. I had originally planned for shelves in the kitchen to hold my 1950's cookware and dishes. They are all piled on the window ledge.

Another project which needs finishing is my spare bedroom. I told the oldest it was time to leave the nest since he wasn't going to college, so we ended up with an empty bedroom. The kids need a place to practice Irish Dance without wrecking my floors. I still need to find acrylic mirrors in sheets large enough to put on the walls.

I've also got to get some seeds started of stuff won't bloom this summer. I've promised myself not to buy any new seeds and just use up what I have. I promise that every year and never keep my promise, so we'll see...but first I have to find a new home for my wool blanket stash which has been residing on my light set-up.


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I'm slowly unpacking from our recent move. We've been here 10 days and the house is quite functional now. Everything is stowed in my kitchen in pretty much the right place. I say pretty much because I still have 3 tall cabinets to be built. Most of what will go in 2 of those cabinets isn't unpacked, and a bookshelf is making a very adequate temporary pantry. Nothing gets lost at the back of the shelf!

We have all the stuff we use daily stowed in its right place in our bathroom. We also have THREE BOXES still to be unpacked!! Obviously I didn't cull the 2 bathrooms at the old house very well... We had friends helping us pack at the end, and they packed what was there. DH & I used both baths at the old house, now the 2nd bath will really be a guest bath, so nearly all the STUFF goes in ours. At any rate, I hope to deal with at least one of those boxes tomorrow ... and move all of my hobby stuff from the dresser that is now in our closet in to the storage that is now in my office.

There's lots more that I'm not working on - but it will keep.

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We have an appt with the accountant Sat morning at 8:30. What am I working on - taxes! Dug out alot of paperwork last night to figure out deductions - tonight it and other paperwork gets filed properly into the file cabinet! I hate this time of year, but once done the feeling is so wonderful!

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OK you guys are all alot further along than I am! I've been in my house for 7 yrs and have not painted our bedroom yet---last room to be touched! I am so impressed with you guys, especially quiltglo and liz h. Liz, you've only been in your house 10 days...it takes me years to figure out exactly where I want stuff.
And taxes! Yikes you are right. It feels so good to cross that off the list.
Quiltglo, it is a good thing you don't live near me cuz that stash of wool blankets sounds intriguing.
Today I am going to buy the paint for my closet project, look at knobs for the desk/dressing table i need to redo and maybe apply another coat of oil paint.
Have a great day! T

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I know this all sounds decorative but I need to have the structure in place so that I can get my THINGS in place!

Ain't it the truth! I have finally finished repairing the china hutch that was damaged in moving, so now the china is *in* the hutch and I can stow *other* things in the closet that had been full of china.

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I am so glad that others are working on the "structure". It makes me feel like I am not slacking off.
Ran into a glitch with the paint but at least I went to the store! Will purchase it tomorrow. In the meantime I am emptying out the space. Culling even more items as I go!
Okmoreh congrats on your repairs. Won't it feel great to get your china in place and reclaim the closet for other STUFF?
Somehow posting here makes me feel accountable. Hope it is helping you guys too and isn't too boring.

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T, this thread is NOT boring. I agree that this forum makes us accountable (and a little bit guilty when we don't do what we set out to do).

The only thing I've done so far is make the list. I got sidetracked with having to take care of some family stuff which continues. The earliest I'll be able to delve in will be Tuesday next week. But at least it's on my mind.

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I completely agree with marie26 - this thread is certainly not boring! I've been a lurker for about a month, and it is threads like this that help keep me inspired when I can't seem to get motivated on my own. I owe you all a great big "Thank You!" for giving me the courage to tackle 7 years worth of paperwork and create a filing system that I can (and do!) actually use!

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I can certainly relate to getting sidetracked. It should probably be my middle name.
My progress has been alot slower that I had hoped. Can I blame it on the fact that my DD didn't have school today (torture parent day) and I had to take her to the mall?
Still, I did buy my paint today. Decided to do a better job prepping and can only hope to start painting this weekend. Gosh, I HATE painting ceilings!
Newleaf-I too need motivation buddies. Congrats on digging out of 7 years worth of papers! Maybe you should start a new thread and share the secrets of your success. I'll be looking for it!
Marie26- a pat on the back for the list and your goal for starting next week. Keeping thinking about it but don't let it weigh you down. T

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Coincidentally, DH mentioned yesterday that he needed to find certain papers from his boxes. Since I know he'd haphazardly search for them, I decided that this is my chance to go through them. I organized one of the four boxes and there was a lot of junk in there. So, at the same time, I'm narrowing down what's in these boxes. I know he should be doing this himself but he never will so I decided to bite the bullet and just do it. Then, at least, it will be done forever and 4 boxes will be gone and those empty drawers in the filing cabinet will be put to good use.

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We are in the process of downsizing and de cluttering. I am really feeling sooo liberated now that so much "Stuff" is outta here. We sold a collection of guns and a gun cabinet just last week. Guns we did not need nor use. We donated that cash to our church...

We are about 1/3 of the way through and I love, love, love it.


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I just finished sorting the 4 boxes. For now, I have to change my action plan since there were many binders as well as papers in these boxes. I've condensed the 4 boxes into 2 and will keep them in the boxes for now. After I go through the filing cabinet, I'll see if the items in these boxes will fit in there. If yes, I'll end up moving it. If not, at least there's only 2 boxes and not 4 and they are organized.

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tre3, I hope if you are painting with oil paint in your closet that you are either getting good ventilation (difficult to do in most closets), or using a respirator (face mask, not just one of those cute, little, white masks designed to filter out dust).

Why are you bothering with oil paint, when the job would be so much easier with latex paints? It'll smell less, dry faster and clean up easier.

You are using a roller on a long handle for the ceiling, right? For the painted shelves or cabinets, get a small roller that fits into a 1-gallon can, and you will be done in no time. Good luck, and focus on how nice it will look when you're done!

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In keeping with my life theme of "Why make it simple when you can make it complicated" (LOL), I was oil painting a few new cabinets in the basement. Why? Cuz I needed to match existing cabinets which I of course painted with oil!
I am happy to report that the painting of the ceiling and walls is complete! The color was not 100% match to my sample quart. Figured that out 1/2 thru the job. BUT I AM NOT GOING TO STRESS IT! NOPE! IT IS FINE! Besides once I load clothes and some personal momentos how much of the walls will show? IT IS FINE!
So, today I get to start putting clothes away on hangers. Still need to work on shelves and cabinets. Might even attach hooks to wall today. YEAH!!! T

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WOW marie26! Two whole boxes gone! Can you use the binders to organize papers too or do you want everything in folders? I love throwing out paper. Imagine how many pounds lighter your house is!
I do think decluttering is liberating! Let's all lighten our loads this week!

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tre3, I feel my task was so much easier than yours. I couldn't even fathom having to paint a closet. That requires a certain energy level I don't think I have right now.

I also realize I prefer horizontal filing to the cabinet's vertical files. By horizontal filing, I mean open cubbies or drawers.

I know that one of my dilemnas is owning a 5-drawer oversized filing cabinet that's made for an office. I had gotten a fantastic deal on it years ago because it had a tiny dent on the side. I used to have an office but now keep my desk and computer in the living room. It works better this way for my lifestyle. Anyways, I don't use the filing cabinet because it's in the other room. Sounds easy enough to go to a room that's not very far away but I just don't make the effort so I keep piles of papers. And the cabinet is so big that I won't put it in the living room.

I feel guilty not using the filing cabinet regularly because I own it. Any advice for me?

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I know just what you mean about files and file cabinets. I agree with Talleysue that you must have the structure and that it should be the best functioning structure that you can afford whether that is a file cabinet, desk, bins, baskets, portable file boxes,etc. My DH was given a very good file cabinet when he graduated with his masters. For him it has sentimental value. For me it is very deep, very bulky and very heavy. I've noticed office supply ads in the paper for good quality file cabinets that are not nearly as deep. I have not looked in person but they run about $80.00. I think this size would fit better in a closet or even with a round tabletop and tablecloth over.
What about investigating a very nice (prob expensive) wood one that might better disappear into your space. I know I am not excited about investing in a new cabinet especially since I have no hopes of getting rid of the old one. Sometimes though spending money to make something work is well worth it. On the other hand if you don't even like files (me either!) maybe you need to come up with another solution and give that huge cabinet away! Would you consider using binders to hold different categories of papers? We use one for investment statements.
Got to go! Good luck Marie26! T

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I have 2 very nice oak, 2 drawer file cabinets that are quite attractive as furniture. One I actually bought in Walmart! They were about $40 each; but this was at least 6 years ago. The only downside, and I think this is why they were cheap, is that they are sold knocked-down and you have to assemble them yourself. But this was not difficult.

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I will never again spend less than $100 for a file cabinet. Most of the wood ones don't have full-extension drawers (I will NEVER live with a 3/4 extension again! half the drawer is simply unusable).

My vote for Marie63 would be to stop feeling guilty about not using that filing cabinet, and stick it somewhere else. Esp. since you rent, Marie, I'm guessing you might find yourself in a different setup in which you'd be able to have your desk in the same room as the filing cabinet, and it could become useful again.

But I'd say to look for something you ARE willing to put in your living room--even if it means you don't store everything in there.

Also, remember--you don't need to store stuff by your desk just because it's paper. I stash the statement from investment accounts in the filing drawer, but I don't need them to be by a desk, actually. I'm just holding onto them.

Ditto the zoo membership stuff, or the info on fun places to go with the kids, or the heirloom/school report card stuff--I like it in the filing drawer bcs it's easy to put in there and easy to get back out, but it has NOTHING to do with a DESK. I don't have the sort of desk you can sit and write anything at--ours is too small and just holds the computer keyboard and junk.

What things do you actually NEED at the desk? Maybe it's not as many as you think. Maybe you can have one of those desktop file bins, (tabletop file, or file caddy, or personal file holder they're called)

The biggest thing is, it needs to be something you can open easily.

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Here's my update. I have only 4 small boxes of papers to go through (unless I find more). Most of these papers will be going into the filing cabinet. The rest are finally put away. I finally threw away papers that I've been holding onto for no apparent reason.

This is my plan for the filing cabinet which I am keeping for the time being. Any utility, phone, cable, credit card bills from December 31, 2006 and before will be thrown out except for any from previous residences where I will keep just one so that I will have a record of it.

Do you agree this is safe for me to do? Since December, I've been stacking all new items that need to be filed in its own pile so I won't even have to figure out what's this year's and what's last year's (and before).

Besides the garage-type drawers I had purchased for the wires, tools, maps, etc., I purchased 10 more drawers last week from Staples. These are really nice and have legs that needn't be used and stack on top of each other. They were on sale for $7.50 each and were regularly $29.00 each. They are now in my living room and I have spent 2 days organizing into them. I'm very happy with the results. Talley Sue, I did think about what you had written, that I should have a need for the drawers before buying them. I made a chart and figured out what would go into each drawer before I bought them. As a matter of fact, I wish I had purchased two more.

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YEAH Marie26! You've been busy.
I think the majority of people do not qualify for tax deductions for things like cable, phone, utilites. For bills like these I'd toss the old bill after I've gotten my new bill and see that my payment has been rec'd.
Anything that you hope to deduct on your taxes...SAVE. Also save receipts for things under warranty and home improvements.
Keep up the great work.T

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now I'm sorry I said something that meant you didnt't buy as many as you needed! But I'm glad those drawers are working for you.

that's a GREAT deal! Even greater, though, is that you're happy with the results. And, if they ever go on sale again, you'll know what you need, I guess. Or you could buy two more at at full price, and still have spent $11 each, when you average it out.

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Talley Sue, you said the right thing to me because it gave me pause. I have a "thing" for drawers and containers so I normally do buy them without thinking too much on what I'll use them for. This time I thought about it first which is a good thing.

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Marie26 sounds like you are almost done with this project. I love well organized drawers. Isn't gratifying to know where something is when you need it?
Not to rush you but what's next?
I am moving slowly. Our DD is home for a few days during her spring break. I'm just dropping most of my every day things to spend time with her. She leaves tomorrow :(
I have managed to get several coats of paint on my "dressing table". Have the knobs for the drawers and have measured for glass top(haven't ordered). Bought some gorgeous fabric for the window treatment-another project!
Still I am exctied to get this all done so I can a great functioning pretty space to use every day. What a treat!

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Spring cleaning. My house is three stories, I do one floor a week. Then it will be spring and I will be able to garden outside-YAY!

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i love drawers especially--much more than boxes. One-hand operation. Unlike things w/ lids, especially if they're stacked. Oh, and no lid that you have to keep track of, or that gets left out while you're using the box, taking up space, etc.

which reminds me, I need to go look for a box to put those stupid paints in. Just in case my DH's shoe box isn't big or tall enough.

I can lay the extra-big bottles on their sides, can't I? If I check to be sure the lid is on well?

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I finally did the wires (again!). I organized them into the 4-drawer garage cabinet. I put the computer wires in the drawer with the computer stuff in the living room. I put the phone wires and the extension cords aside and will put these into the other 4-drawer garage cabinet with the tools when I get to that organizing project.

This time, I ended up either leaving each wire in the bag that I had put them in a year ago or if they were out of the bag, I just put a rubber band around it. Then I organized them by how the ends looked. So, it ended up being 5 sections. Two of these were put into shoe boxes and then put into the drawers.

A warning to people with tons of wires. Never put them into a huge bin. It's way to much work to find the one wire that you need. I found out the hard way.

My bedroom walk-in closet is still an awful mess. It will take me a few hours to organize it but that's another day.

And I still have those papers to go through. That will be done one of these days in front of the TV.

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Talley Sue- I think if the lids are on tight it is worth the risk. If it really worries you, you could buy a taller bin,or transfer paint to a smaller container. Maybe you could get your kids to paint with the colors in the tallest containers? When enough is gone, transfer the paint into containers that fit your bin? Or...you could simply throw paint that doesn't fit away. I'm not sure I could do this.
Marie 26- Wow! You just keeep plugging away! It seems that whenever I take on a project I initially make more of a mess. You'll get your closet done and the last papers sorted. For now, go admire your beautifully organized drawers. Awesome!

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Too bad that I am more impressed with the drawers than DH and they're his wires. Work has been very tense for him lately and he's not interested in going through the box of stuff that I'm assuming (but not positive) a lot of its contents can be thrown out. Oh, well. The box is sitting by the wall near his side of the bed as a reminder to him.

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Even though you understand your DH it has got to be a little frustrating not being able to complete this project like you want. You are a great DW. It seems that my DH and I are rarely in the same mood to declutter and organize. I almost cringe when the urge strikes him. Our styles are TOTALLY different. As long as it looks neat my DH seems to aim for packing things in the smallest space possible. Nevermind that by the time you move 16 items out of the way to get the 17th you are ready to scream, after all it looks neat! He is always so pleased. I rarely have the heart to point out that the things we need all the time should be stored front and center :)
Will the box sitting near the bed prompt your DH? Or will he be able to look past it while it drives you crazy?

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DH did go through 1/3 of the box last night after some "prompting" by me. I joked with him that he should be able to pick out 10 items from the box to look at.

Unfortunately, he can look past the box quite easily.

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Thanks everyone for posting here. It encourages me to keep on pluggin, and I have plenty to plug away at!

tre3 - don't be too impressed by my feat. We spent years designing this house so it would suit us to a T. I even measured all my kitchen gear to know how deep my kitchen drawers needed to be. It's pretty easy to put stuff away in a new house when you know exactly where it goes. And while the things we need daily are pretty accessible, there's still plenty more to deal with. For example, our closet is functional, but I'm still stepping around bags of clothes. I need a few hooks up for robes and misc.

Too bad we haven't finished clearing out the old house. I know that my dresses are still there, and some of the crystal inherited from my MIL. But mostly there's still a lot of STUFF, I think about evenly divided between trash and garage sale, with a few things we really need mixed in there. Next week DH will start sorting over there, and I need to spend some time there as well. But I may need to spend the money to send in a cleaning service first. There was a lot of dust hiding behind the furniture and in between all the boxes. I think when we moved most of the furniture the dust bunnies went into survival mode and multiplied like... bunny rabbits. At any rate, I don't breathe real well over there now and it doesn't do DH any good either.

Meanwhile my office is full of boxes that I need to sort through and get put away. I really need to get started on my taxes. I already know that I have an incorrect 1099 and have to start making phone calls on that. This afternoon was slated for working on the office but got co-opted by a nap. Tomorrow I'll get in there.

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Liz, you have a plan and that's half the battle. I'd love to be able to design kitchen drawers to fit stuff. In that regard, you're probably way ahead of most of us.

Last night, I went through the "hardest" box. Although all the papers in there were for one project, there was no order whatsoever. Everything is now in folders or envelopes and neatly put away in one of my new living room drawers near my desk. The papers used to be in a box under the desk because I refer to them quite a bit.

Next week, I have things going on outside the house almost every single day so I don't know how much I'll get done. But once the mindset is there, I know I'll attempt to do some of it.

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I finally filed away all the papers from around the house. I still have to clean out the filing cabinet but the papers are in there in their proper folders. They are, however, overflowing out of the folders. At least the doors are closed.

Next is my closet. Then the tools and the garage (big job) when it's warmer and I'm sure I'll think of more stuff to do.

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Hello everyone. I am a GW regular lurker but never found this site before. I found you and immediately searched for 'messy' and 'chaos'. That kind of says where I'm at right now! ;)

The threads that I found were a little disturbing to me because they were all so familiar. I grew up in a house that was presentable in some rooms and then there were the 'junk rooms'! I'm over 45 and I've never had the strength to address this all until last year when I started therapy. It's been a long, painful journey and a wonderful adventure at the same time! I'm finally at a place where I know that I deserve to have a good life (most of the time) and I want to take care of the chaos that I seem create.
Anyway, I hope this is the right spot to sort out these issues. When I saw this thread it touched a nerve because I am supposed to be 'looking for Tax stuff' and I'm not. I'm on the computer. It's a huge frustration to do this and I keep on doing it anyway!

You seem to be a kind and diverse group of people. I hope you don't mind if I hop in and explore here!


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Welcome, Jes. There are very helpful people on this forum and we can all relate to the problems you mentioned. I certainly understand being on the computer when I should be doing something else. Sometimes, I force myself to do stuff with the promise that I will come back here to give my progress. I've even gone as far as making myself finish a project before I'll post again. This keeps me on track. Perhaps it could work for you? There are threads on how each of us use different methods of organizing. I keep lists that I cross off as each project gets done while others use post-it notes on a board.

Please let us know what you're working on and ask for advice should you need any help.

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Thanks Marie. I hope posting here will help keep me a little more accountable. My hot spot for right now is the 'mail dump' in the kitchen. It's a pile of junk mail, receipts, and bills that I hope are not TOO past due. :(

Every now and then DH will get helpful (NOT!) and put it all in a bag and put it in my home office chair. Does he throw out the junk mail before this? Of course not...
All this accomplishes is to make me angry and I put it aside. Now it's close to tax time and I'm left searching for paperwork. (sigh)


P.S. I've researched options and bought a really cute, perfectly sized file folder to go there. It's now become part of the pile. (bigger sigh)
I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry! LOL

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I got the hallway and bedroom carpets cleaned. We got a Hoover steam vac/cleaner a few months ago and I LOVE it.

The appropriate bags that are mail and papers have been identified. How embarrassing. :-\


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Wow. I really admire you guys and wish I had a personal cheerleader to spur me on. I work about 80 hours a week and have kids, 5 dogs and a business. I just want to get one cabinet cleaned....JUST ONE!!! so that I can live with myself and not start each morning and end each evening berating myself for being lazy. How do women do it all???? I watched one of the wife swap shows when I was comotose one night after dealing with an employee issue and was completely blown away by the plastic bins and labeler. I have about 20 unused plastic bins in the basement so all I need is the labeler.....and maybe the swapped wife for a few weeks to whip things, and me into shape!!

Did I mention I also can't seem to get consistant with my treadmill workout??

Thanks everyone for listening!

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Jes -I admit to regularly bribing myself. I'll tell myself that if I do this then I can have that. Something that has worked well for me is setting the timer for 15 or 20 minutes. It seems a little foolish at first but it is amazing what you accomplish in 15 minutes. Or maybe time how long it takes you to fold a load of clothes, vac a room or load the dishes. So often we think it takes so much time. In reality it only takes minutes. Once you know how long something realistically takes I think it is easier to tackle or fit in your day. Don't feel guilty for not getting your taxes stuff together (OK, so I haven't either) just get yourself to look in that one bag or shelf. When you have reward yourself and then look in another bag.
I do have a question though, why do you have junk mail? Maybe sort your mail everyday over the trash can. Toss the junk after ripping up your address. Then at least those bags will be lighter:)
Bellamay- I am exhausted just reading about your day. Cut yourself some slack. Could you possibly delegate something and lighten your load? I 've always wanted someone to exercise for me! When I figure that one out I'll make a fortune! Seriously, I think this forum is a great place to have a cheerleader. I think most of us are struggling with one issue or another. Be kind to yourself. You have a goal of one cabinet---you can do it!

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It's been a long, painful journey and a wonderful adventure at the same time!

I'm glad you're finding the adventure, commiserations about the pain, and big cheers for being willing to tackle that journey at all! You're not alone in this; you may just have more professional help with it (the rest of us just muddle along without the "coach" that your therapist can be for you).

I just want to get one cabinet cleaned....JUST ONE!!! so that I can live with myself and not start each morning and end each evening berating myself for being lazy.
boy, do I identify with this! And I can also tell you that once you do tackle one cabinet, you CAN find yourself not berating yourself anymore. So pick something easy (under the bathroom sink is usually a good one; it's actually pretty easy).

Also--on the plastic bins and labelers--they're not important. What's important is whether you can FUNCTION. Can you find your extension cords when you want them? Is dinner on the table most nights in an OK fashion? Can everybody find clean clothes to wear each day? Can you almost always sit and relax in the living room (not that it's beautifully spick and span, but can you feel comfortable? my LR has toys everywhere, but most nights I can sit in there and not feel edgy)? Then you're organized!

Sure, there's always something more you can do, but it's really easy to get fixated on the snazzy visuals and forget that the substance is what matters (sort of like my DD who spent a half day making background decorations for the board of her science project instead of focusing on what she was writing, etc.)

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Talley Sue, according to you, I am organized. Yeah!

One of my daughters moved back home and her stuff is arriving today. There's a dresser and 2 nighttables as well as large garbage bags filled with stuff. She also has art supplies and craft things. The only place to put all this is in the back room where I have the bookcases. I know I'll want to organize it all since she won't want to deal with it. She's purchased new clothes recently so she probably doesn't need all these extras. If only I can get her to give them to Goodwill. The problem will be to get her to want to go through it. I can literally see her leaving everything as is in the bags and drawers and me taking fits over it.

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I guess this just points out that it is always an adventure. Sure, it'd be nice sometimes if life would just slow down long enough for you to bask in the glory of having things in place :) I have limited experience with children ping ponging between school and home. It took me awhile last year to come to terms with all the extra stuff we had to temporarily incorporate into our home. Just about the time I got it down it was time to move her back to school! Hope this move home is for happy/good reasons. Give yourself time to adjust. Remember-enjoy them while you can. Please repeat this back to me in a month and a half!
Jes if the bag method works best for you then don't feel embarrassed. What's important is that you are comfortable and it functions for you. Congrats on the clean carpet! Clean makes everything look better!

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