I finally found a 'toothpaste ledge'

talley_sue_nycMarch 13, 2012

For years now I've been wishing for someone to make a "ledge" to store the big toothpaste tubes. They won't stand up, and even if they did, they're tall enough that they'd mess with the intervals of the shelving.

(I know you can buy toothpaste that does stand up, but they're less economical, and to be honest sometimes I can't find them.)

It would be really cool if you could stick a shelf onto the back of the cabinet above the slightly shorter stuff--or on the back of the door, to slide in over the slightly shorter stuff, to take advantage of that gap that is inevitably there.

I'd just started to think I might get serious about having a plastics/acrylics place make me one, and then put a stick-on magnetic strip on it. And had started to look for organizer-type solutions (like a drawer divider)

Then I found one! In a Japanese book/stationery store, so I can't really give you a link to it.

Here it is in action:

Note the shortness of the stuff on the right where it slides over them.

I'd started w/ it on the back, but the toothbrushes were JUST tall enough that they interfered a bit. So I shoved the toothbrushes all the way to the back of the cabinet, which created a bit of space in front of them, and that was enough to allow the ledge to fit right in.

(the little metal dental floss is clinging to a little magnet)

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This little organizer thing has magnets on the back and it intended to be part of a desk organizing system. I like it bcs the sides slope, so the extra length of the tube doesn't really clash with the sides.

Can you tell I'm excited about this? It's very silly, but this is so cool.

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In fact, I think it is SO cool that i might actually stick with my idea of creating a better version. And make it a Christmas present.

The perfect ledge would be even more open-ended (either completely, or with sides cut down even more (if it turned out you needed the sides for strength).

I'd thought of using those drawer dividers, but they all have a drawback.

There's mesh, like mine is, but will the magnet hold securely or be thick enough, since the edges at top and bottom stick out beyond the mesh--and will the magnet hold on BOTH sides?:

There are straight-sided acrylic ones that would hold the stick-on magnetic sheets, but again, they have the problem w/ the ends being full height, and whether they'll get in the way of the toothpaste tube, if it's longer than the container.

Other options are to investigate what a plastics place would charge to make something open ended with a profile like this:

l . .. . .. . l

(pretend the dots aren't there--I had to put them in to keep the spacing right?
Making that bottom curved would be the way I'd go if I were going to manufacture on a larger scale.

Anyway, that's my latest "infrastructure" obsession, and my success!

Cool, huh?

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This is just the type of thingy that excites me too! Let me know when you request a patent for it.

Today I saw a gadget that turns a plate or bowl into a pedestal; just my kind of thing as I do frequent entertaining and have serving pieces at different heights. Pricey though.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pedestal Maker

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Mustangs, that's WAY cool!!! Love it. What a brilliant idea.

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Can make a pedestal for much less, hot glueing candlesticks between trays/plates.

Check the link. She uses super glue though and glasses - Beautiful!

Maria in Chios, Greece

Here is a link that might be useful: home made pedestal

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True--but what I like about the pedestal maker is that you can take them back apart for storage or to put the plate in the dishwasher. I have cake stands, and a pedestal bowl, and they can be a real pain in terms of storage, etc.

And you can switch from one plate / platter/bowl to another.

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Back to my toothpaste ledge--the sides are proving to be a bit too high for maximum effectiveness--the cap rests on the edge, and it's awkward to tuck it below as well because then more of the "tail" sticks out at the other end, and it also rests ON the edge instead of down IN the container..

So, still great, but proof that the optimum design would have no (or almost no) sides.

And, almost more motivation to hit the plastics shop.

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Watch the current ledge in action before deciding on no sides at all. You might need something on the sides to keep the tube from flying free if someone opens the cabinet door too quickly.

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Camlan, that's a good point.

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That's a really neat idea. I'm going to see if I can fit something into my cabinet too.

I wonder if I could use a 2-sided velcro to attach, then I could remove it occasionally to wash it, we always get little bits of toothpaste on the shelf it sits on now. And have to find something similar to what tallysue has....

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Good idea! I like the idea of a front on your ledge, without ends. (Would something like a sponge holder work? Just wondering why you wanted a ''ledge'' specifically?)

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I ant it to be pretty open in the front, so I don't have to "aim" when putting the toothpaste back in.
A sponge holder might be too narrow; a long tube of toothpaste would stick out on both sides pretty far and might wobble if the weight is wrong.

And the front is too high. As a jury-rig it might be ok.

I *do* want a front edge on the ledge, of course; I wanted something that was roughly the same dimensiona s the toothpaste tube itself, but would stick on the back.

jomuir: I'm aiming for magnetic, since my mirror back AND my cabinet are both metal. That's removable for washing. And more adjustable than the velcro idea. I also think stuff attached w/ Velcro wobbles a little; this doesn't, nor would a good magnetic attachment.

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