Picking a Garage Color

marquestApril 19, 2009

I am remodeling this old house and cannot decide on a garage color.

I thought maybe white to brighten it up since I did the windows and gutter white.

Then I thought maybe pull out the black in the bricks.

Then I thought maybe redish brown to match the red brick so it would sorta fade into the building since it is such a large garage.

Looking for suggestions. Here are a few pics. The first one is the entrance and another full view. Thank you.

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Marquest, that is a beautiful house in a gorgeous setting!

I love the roof with those slate colors. My idea is to play on that and try a very (very!) dark blue-grey, which might also be pretty on the window muntins.

Can't wait to hear other suggestions. Good luck

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Thank you for the compliment and thank you for the color suggestion. I did not think to look at the slate roof I was looking at the brick.

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I agree with the dark grey/black ideas. To me, the horizontal line of the garage fights with the beautiful vertical mass of the house. I'd be inclined paint the garage a dark color to make it fade away, so the house pops out.

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Thank you carol. I took a pencil and colored over the garage I think you are both right. I thought maybe a color close to the brick would make the garage disappear but the color you two have suggested seems to work better.

What do you think of putting white around the windows to blend with the rest of the house?

I am working on the landscape to mask the electric service to the house.

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I think keeping the whole garage dark, windows and all, will look best. i love that house!

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I agree with matching a paint color to a color of the bricks, or something that will blend with your house. I suck at picking out colors, so I don't have any particular suggestions, unfortunately.

BUT I would paint the trim on the garage white (not sure about the windows but you could try it), as I think that would give it more of a uniform appearance since the rest of the house has white trim. Otherwise, I think it looks like an afterthought. I would paint the window trim too as long as those windows match to your house windows, architecturally speaking.

I'm biased, because I like making the front door the focal point so I always suggest painting that a different color for a nice pop.

I planted Climbing Hydrangea on my house - won't harm your mortar like Boston Ivy provided you don't need tuckpointing and everything is in tact. That would be perfect not only for your woodland / cottage setting, but also to mask that conduit. Unfortunately, it usually takes a few years for Climbing Hydrangea to do much of anything, but once it does you'll be quite surprised.

Beautiful house, by the way.

Have fun painting. I always dread it, but love the finished product. :)

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Thank you all for taking time to offer the suggestions. I will try the dark and see how it looks. I was thinking the white trim for the same reasons Kim thought that because the house windows are white trim I should trim the windows.

I really would like the garage to disappear. I have been looking on the net at new garage doors but if you go with something custom they want your first born child. I have to many other rehab projects to spend that kind of money right now. Soooo paint will have to do for now. LOL

I will post pics when I complete. I the trees and bushes for landscape now that should help with drawing the eye to the front door.

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