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trekarenMarch 2, 2013

Work has kept me very busy, busier than ever in my career, but I have managed to continue progressing. The top of the dresser is maintaining itself now - it's very nice to wear my jewelry now. I got all the watches with dead batteries to the mall this week and now I am rotating watches again. This is fun!

This week I have made it a mission to unsubscribe to most of the emails that clutter up my inbox daily. Most of them send catalogs, too, so why do I let these emails buzz into my inbox like annoying mosquitoes? GONE! I started this over the holidays but didn't keep it up through a whole week to hit them all.

I know I'm just starting back, but I have already felt a weight lift from my shoulders just getting started. As a result, I finally was able to find two things that I have been searching high and low for, for quite a long time.

I believe the physical organization in the house is good, mentally. The clutter you see becomes clutter in your mind. I am probably explaining this badly, but I know I feel much more on top of things.

Signing off today to go tackle this weekend's list! Have a great start to March!!!!!

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I actually don't mind getting paper junk mail. I sort my mail as soon as it comes, anything I can't use goes in my paper recycling. I'm not worried about hackers/identity thieves stealing my catalogs and auto insurance offers! My name and address are public records! I don't throw credit card or banking or actual bills in my recycling. I like looking at gardening and cooking catalogs. (Two of my hobbies are planting and eating). March is a good month to organize/purge clutter. It's a long dreary month, 31 days, erratic weather, still mostly darkness. But Easter is just beyond the horizon, it would be nice to have all my horizontal spaces clear and open! I'll join you, TreKaren.

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That's a great way to put it. Clear Horizontal Spaces. I know these areas drag me down spiritually more than hidden spaces. I will hit a few more horizontals today, too! In fact, I just hit the dining room table. It was historically a problem area, like the dresser, but I have managed to keep it clean 80% more than usual. It is manageable when done daily, as you say.

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Woohoo, trekaren! You are making great progress.

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