Is Restoration Hardware cabinet hardware good quality?

workingondreamhouseFebruary 8, 2012

Does anyone know who makes RH cabinet hardware? Is it good quality? I have an active family of 6 and we need cabinet hardware for kitchen, mud room, laundry, breakfast room, 2 bathrooms and a butler's pantry.

I want to use polished nickel for the kitchen and RH prices for the larger handles seem surprisingly reasonable. Or maybe its just that they aren't as ridiculous as some others!

For the kitchen we are looking at the Gilmore Bin Pulls, Bistro Pulls and Adeline pulls. Also the cabinet latches.

I like the Lugamo pulls and perhaps the Chatham a bathroom, but worry that in person they might look like toilet paper holders! I'm sure it's just the photography!

Anyway, if you have favorites or if you have had good or bad experiences, let me know! Some of the ones I like are Final Sale so I will probably just order one to see what they look like before ordering everything I need.

Thanks for your assistance!

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I have the antique brass Gilmore pulls from RH in my kitchen. They have only been installed about 8-10 months. So far, OK.

BUT I have had horrible experience with RH on a medicine cabinet mirror which has delaminated. They are refusing to do anything. Long story, too OT for inclusion here but if you're interested look it up in the Bath Forum.

I would never buy anything from them again. Some of their stuff is fine some of it is really sub-par, and most of it is overpriced for the quality. But the real shostopper is their customer service.

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I also have the gilmore pulls in PN and they are great. I think for the most part they (RH) are good quality... however, some pieces are not made well. I bought some of their latches and they are extremely cheaply made (not solid) and don't work well at all. I spent the extra $$$ to get latches at rejuventaion . com and they are very smooth working and i can tell will last daily use.

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I've had Spritz 3" pulls in Satin Stainless in my kitchen for several years now. I replaced some hideous 1970s pulls with them and I absolutely love them. The feel is great and so far I haven't had a single problem with them. They clean up easily and feel solid. I also installed their Spritz bathroom towel bars, toilet paper holders, towel rings, etc in some of my bathrooms. So far everything has been of good quality and held up well. There are only two of us, so no children to really test the quality. Unlike Sayde, I've had a good experience so far with customer service on a problem with warped doors on a vanity. The issue has not yet been completely resolved, though customer service has been very responsive. (Sayde, I'm hoping you've had some better luck with that customer service representative I mentioned in the bathroom forum.)

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I have a lot of RH hardware in my house, but was also able to find some very nice hardware at Lowe's for a lot less money. All of our mudroom and laundry room hardware is from Lowe's. The kid's bath hardware is top knob which is alot cheaper but very good quality.

Surprisingly Hobby Lobby had some cute hardware for very reasonable prices. For our kitchen, we went with RH b/c they were the only ones with the long pulls in the style we wanted. We also used them for our office b/c I wanted the long pulls for the file cabinets. Everything has held up fine so far (18 months) without any problems.

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Sayde, THANK YOU for mentioning the mirror problem. I have the VERY SAME problem, and we have been in our house less than 10 months. I am going to email them today.

I used some of their pulls, but for most of my kitchen the cabinetmakers said no because of how they are mounted.

I did put a double vanity in the dressing room of my last house, a white one with marble top. I was replacing an older vanity for staging purposes. I would say the quality of the piece was just that; a prop. But inexpensive for the look.

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I have the RH cup pulls and also the glass knobs in polished nickel. While the knobs and pulls themselves have been fine, DON"T USE THE SCREWS that come with the cup pulls (at least). They are horrible and I ruined a drawer front because they are brass which was too soft for my maple cabs. I bought stainless screws on the suggestion of a GWer, and they were totally fine. RH stank at their customer service...never followed up about replacing my drawer front. Here's the link to that thread:

Here is a link that might be useful: Rh cup pull rant

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Fori is not pleased

I used three of their pulls in my kitchen due to the size and style and not being stupid expensive. They were good enough quality once I returned them a few times to get ones that didn't have messed up chrome. These were just little manufacturing defects and once I got ones that looked good, I was happy with them.

I found RH to have very good service with the special orders and exchanges (and shipping to my house so I didn't have to go back to that dreadful mall). But inspect the heck out of the stuff before you install it!

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Restoration Hardware is going through all kinds of changes and the company is being refocused.

One example of this is the fact that my local store no longer stocks ANY hardware. It is all special order. When I pointed out that having at least a little sample stock to take home and try out (for proportion, etc.) was essential, the salesperson shrugged at me and said, "well, you'll just have to take a good guess and order online."

RH is trying to close stores, and go much more upscale. Something tells me that the "hardware" part of RH won't be around too much longer.

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I have the Gilmore pulls and the screws that come with them are horrible. Be prepared to replace them. My contractor couldnt make them work and thought they were poor quality. The pulls themselves seem fine, but its only been a few months.
I was also surprised to find that my store did not stock hardware either. It was all special order. At least if you order it at the store, you wont pay shipping.

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I have to say, my contractor has warned me about RH. He said that the quality Is questionable and he's had trouble with almost everything from them. Makes me rethink using the hardware. Thanks for the input!

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Have you actually seen or felt any of the hardware you're considering or just taking your GC's word on it? I had my heart set on the Aubrey pulls so drove 65 miles to a store to put my own hands and eyes on them before I shelled out my hard earned cash, which, btw, I recommend doing with ANY hardware you're considering. I was impressed by the quality of the pulls and knobs RH displays on the little boards. (I was disappointed to not be able to rummage around on the huge wall of hardware like they had years ago.) I bought small samples of the Aubrey in polished nickel and polished chrome, a couple of other pulls DH liked, and a couple of different knobs. They all felt solid, heavy, and very well made.

I went on to order samples of a few other pulls from different companies when DH didn't initially like my choice of the Aubrey. Compared to the other pulls, the Aubrey felt completely smooth on the handle part and heavier. Some of the other pulls were rougher and you could feel a seam on the handle from the mold or whatever they use to form them. Even though DH didn't like the style of the pull at first, he liked the quality very much.

In the end, I chose three sizes of the Aubrey pulls (no knobs) in polished nickel. Of the 100 pulls I ordered (bought many more than I needed as I wanted the flexibility of changing my mind on sizes and then returned the rest), only one any had sort of little flaw in the nickel. Having read that some people in the past had trouble with the Aubrey screws, I sent a pull with the screws to my cab maker ahead of installation so he could decide if I needed to buy different screws. He said the ones I was sent would work fine on my cabs. He had never used RH hardware before, but was impressed with the quality and appearance after he installed them.

It's only been a few months, but I'm having zero problems with the pulls. Well, except maybe my obsessive need to walk around wiping the small finger prints off so that they shine. :-) Look at any pull you're interested in IRL. Touch them. Hold them. Hold them up to your cabs to test the projection and appearance. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: More pics on this thread

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Thanks breezy girl, your kitchen is beautiful. I especially like the wood top on the island. What did you use?

Of course I am going to look at the handles on person, my contractor was referring to RH in general, not the hardware specifically. Our RH doesn't carry hardware so I have to order samples and it gets pricey. Several of the styles are Final Sale right now. I was concerned as this only gives me an idea of what one sample looked like, not an overall quality. Thus I turned to GW.

The Aubrey was one I liked but my Kitchen designer said that there were too many screws and they would get dirty. (Not the fingerprints, the screw heads). Do you have a problem w/ that? Sometimes I get the impression she overthinks things and doesn't like my Internet sourcing!! We are going for for a substantial handle for that Christopher Peacock scullery look without the $100 per handle price!

What sizes did you use? They look great. Thanks again for your input, everyone!

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I've had RH pulls in a bathroom for 6 years now -- no problems with them. Ordered the Bistro for the kitchen in various sizes; no problems with any of the pulls. Would order again....

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