can't part with toaster

Purple_JadeMarch 4, 2005

I am so happy to have my microwave/toaster combo, toasted a bagel this morning, it was good!

Now I have my toaster in a bag, thinking I might "need" it sometime. I have a toaster oven as well, don't like toasting in it but could if I had to.

Anyway, I'm going out today and will be taking some things to gove to a local women's shelter, just hoping someone might talk me into including the toaster!

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Mmm...if somebody can talk you into getting rid of your toaster, maybe they can talk me into getting rid of my toaster oven!

If you got rid of it, and hated it...For $14 you can buy another one, right?

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I think you can ditch it, and since you're making a trip, I'd do it now.

(I do, however wonder if the reason you're hesitant is that you haven't proved the micro/toaster yet? Do you worry it won't work well enough? I sometimes wait a week to be sure I won't hate the new thing and wish I had the old one back.)

But if you're sure --and especially if it's not a $40 toaster--TAKE IT! How about this: would you pay $14 to not have to trip over that shopping bag?

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My philosophy is, if you suddenly need one, you will want to go buy a new one; not pull a cobwebby one out of storage.

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You are all so great!
Annellis - why don't you like your toaster oven? I've only had mine for a few months and really like it, I use it more than my big oven.

Tally Sue - you're right that I wasn't sure if I'd like the new one yet, but bought a dozen bagels yesterday and tried toast too, I think it works BETTER than my bulky toaster.
TREK - You are right too, so I guess that decides it, plus I had a couple more hours to try the new toaster out again.
I WILL give the toaster to charity!
I got rid of my huge electric WOK last time.
Now I just need to be talked OUT of buying a rice cooker! LOL

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I won't help w/ the rice cookier thing--I'm really tempted to get one. I hear they work really, really well.

I have a big electric skillet I need to get rid of. I've been holding onto it for the school's white-elephant sale, but I'm really tempted to just send it to the Goodwill NOW.

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Purple Jade...I don't use it. I haven't found anything it's really good for unless one person eats something nobody else wants, like fish sticks or something.

It's one of those things that I've bought several times throughout the years after getting rid of it after several years.

What do you use it for? I don't like how it toasts bread. I kept it as an extra toaster for bread, but now I bought a toaster that'll toast 4 pieces. So it's sitting here getting dusty in my pantry.

Any ideas what to use it for?

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Re: toaster over -- I'm also wondering if it might be useful to own one. I grew up with having one, and found it gave me independence in "cooking" something for lunch (open-faced grilled cheese). Now that my kids are becoming more self-sufficient, I'm wondering if I might want one of these. But for what else besides grilled cheese? I don't usually buy frozen-snack-type products, and they use the microwave for easy-mac....they can boil water, and toast bread. And my toaster has the "bagel" feature where it only toasts one side. I'm thinking that a toaster oven may not be worth the counter space it needs for an occasional grilled cheese sandwich. Hmmm. Maybe knishes?

If you own and use a toaster over, I can be easily inspired. And if so, what brand do you like?

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My toaster oven is a Black & Decker, and is a convection oven.
I use it for a lot of things, anything you'd normally cook in the big oven that will fit in the toaster oven. My toaster oven holds a 12" pizza so I use it for that too. I also make garlic bread, chicken, little roasts, pita pizzas, any kind of meat, baked potatoes. I don't have kids so often the toaster oven is plenty big for DH and I. It uses less energy than the big oven and seems to cook faster and heat up faster, especially when the convection is turned on.
Also, I often like to spend a whole day or 2 just cooking, so I can stock up my freezer with cooked food. On these occasions I have both ovens, slow cooker, and stove top going so I can have as much cooking at one time as possible.
The only thing I don't like about the toaster oven is toasting toast. It takes a long time and it turned out too dry, like croutons I guess.
Anyway, I love my toaster oven, despite the counter space it takes up. I just keep it sparkly clean and it actually looks good in my kitchen.

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We use our toaster oven for a lot (oddly enough, though not for toasting bread or waffles).

DD eats these personal pizzas, and they fit perfectly. Keeps me from having to turn the big oven on for a small meal.

Also - when we have pillsbury crescent rolls for dinner, I can make them in the toaster oven, while something else in the big oven cooks at a different temp.

It is an old, old toaster oven that my dad used for years, and gave to me. It is the one thing I did not replace when I remodeled my kitchen in 2001. But everyone kept giving me such a hard time about my poor, ugly little toaster oven sitting in my brand new kitchen, that I got an oven coverlet for it!

Sometimes, I just don't see a reason to buy new when the old one works just fine.

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