Non-Crafty Sue Has Pillow Insert Question

chisueFebruary 8, 2013

I found a King bed coverlet and shams at Macy's online. They had no king shams the right color, so I ordered three European Shams (26 X 26).

1) Will three be adequate for the head of the bed? Should I order one more?

2) What should I look for as inserts? Do I need 26 X 26 -- or would 28 X 28 fill the shams out more? These are 'decorative' -- not for sleeping. Is polyfoam OK? I see some for about $10 each at Sears/Kmart online. (Limited shopping here on Maui. This is for our condo, which we rent when we aren't using it.)

These are Martha Stewart "Petal Drift" pattern in 'caramel' color. $142.04 for coverlet and three shams. (Includes tax, free shipping and a 20% off coupon.) I was able to see a queen size at Macy's in Kahului so I know I like the product. I can return it to the store if it doesn't work.

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1 king size sham Measures 20" W x 36" L. Three of the other should be fine. A kind size bed is like 2 twin beds.

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Three 26" Euro shams will go across the head of a 76" wide king mattress perfectly. Generally, it is recommended that you buy an insert 2" larger than the size of your sham. I prefer down or feather (cheaper than down) inserts to polyester fiberfill because I like a softer, slouchier look. The fiberfill inserts will give you a stiffer, fuller look. It's really a matter of your preference.

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Thanks! I'll look for three 28" squares.

Sure hope these turn out to be the same color! The shams only say "Petal Drift" where the coverlet says "Caramel". They are coming separately -- promised by the 20th, which will give me a week to return them on Maui if they aren't right.

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