OT: Back Spasms

tre3March 18, 2007

I'm out of commission. Never had these before. Yuck, horrible! Looking forward to catching up on all that you guys are doing when I have this managed. Keep up the good work and keep posting! T

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Try drinking a ton of water...You may be dehydrated and not know it and the first place it goes is into your muscles. I get it all the time, until I drink loads of water.

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I'm sorry to hear this. Is your back "out"? If so, they only thing that helps me is anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxers.

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Hello, lurker here. :)
Try an ice/gel pack. I'm in physical therapy right now for back strain and spasms and the cold really helps.


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OMG, I am so sorry for you!

I have had back spasms 4 times in the last 5 years. I have gone to ER three times as they were so painful. My body contracts into the fetal position for about 5 seconds EVERY 15 seconds. The last time I was along and drove myself to the walk-in clinic close by and told them what to do based on what was prescribed the last time. A muscle relaxer and antibiotic. Now when I feel a twinge, I start to stretch and even hang from a pole to stretch my muscles; and take a very hot shower.

Get better! I know what you are going through but I don't know how you are typing!!!

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Guys thanks so much for all the kind thoughts and words! Don't know where this came from but as quickly as it arrived it has left. I can only describe it as the middle of child birth but no end in sight and no baby!
Marie26= yes, all that worked were strong drugs. I would have taken anything to get rid of the pain.
Mustangs- It sounds like you know EXACTLY what its like. I am so-o sorry. This is my first and I hope only time. I never want to repeat this again! I am taking it very easy. I am so scared of the pain coming back that I am overly cautious.
Still, on the bright side, I can move again. I can raise my arms, I can slowly turn over, I could even bend over (probably)! Lovely movement that I have so taken for granted. Talk about a gift!
Thanks again!!!!!T sitting at the computer with the heating pad

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Tre, I'm glad that the spasms have subsided. Mine NEVER did stop until I got medical help. Let's hope that you don't need this information, but I looked up the medication for the last two episodes and found that Vicodin & Slieoxin were prescribed.

Fingers crossed for you.

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Now, to avoid my back from going out, I look for the signs that it might go out and then take a muscle relaxer and an anti-inflammatory at that moment. So far, knock on wood, I haven't had a full blown out episode in a couple of years.

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Marie26- That's what is so puzzling to me. I painted last weekend. I was a little sore, NBD. Then Thursday I had a backache, Friday same thing. Then BAM, early Saturday back spasms. It's never happened before. I can't figure out why it did now. I am just so thankful they are gone. My sympathies to all who suffer chronic pain.

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Tre--my husband does get those--partly because he is remodeling the entire house(we just ordered bathroom cabinets)but also he had a serious neck injury when younger,.His solution is to get a massage once a week. Its a tough one where they walk on his back, etc. he claims it cures everything.

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Thanks Marge. Right now the thought of someone touching my back makes me cringe. How do people get thru the night? I was feeling pretty sassy yesterday. Today I feel like I've been beaten. I guess my limited activity yesterday did me in. So, today I'll just drive you all nutty posting cuz I've grounded myself!

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The health professionals say that you must get up and do things when you're hurting. I wait until I'm able to actually get out of bed without cringing and force myself to move around. On those days when I don't, the pain really does last longer.

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Yes, the trick is getting out of that pesky bed. I've been goldielocksing between different beds. Perhaps we were meant to sleep standing up?

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If the back pain/spasms continues with any regularity, I wanted to put in 2c on going to the doctor and making them pay attention to the problem. I say making because doctors don't like back pain. A lot of the time it does resolve on its own, and if it doesn't there aren't a lot of great options, though there are some.

After years of periodic pain (not spasms like you describe) hurting for a month or three then it going away for a while, I went through another long stretch of pain that was seemingly endless. I'd had enough, and I went to the doctor and refused to take the "if it is still bothering you in X weeks call back" or "Here have a few pain pills", and insisted we do something.

It turns out I have a degenerated disc (arthritis) in my spine ... I eventually found a decent physical therapist, and I have exercises that I do several times a week to keep pain at bay, and I also have some "good" painkillers for when I've had enough.

The sad thing is that I went through more than 10 years of extended pain episodes before finally getting help. Back pain is tough -- sometimes there isn't a real cure, but stabilization exercises, knowing your options, having access to good pain control can help. Knowing it is not all in my head helps a ton. There were many times when I wondered when I was in my 20s and early 30s why I was having pain like that -- if I was just a whiner or if there was something actually wrong.

Jean Marie

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Jean Marie, you are so correct. I went for years to clincs (who refused to see me ahead of the patients with colds) in excruciating pain. One time, I ended up at the emergency room and the doctor said "So, you're back is out" as though that solved everything. No doctor ever even took an x-ray until the time I lived in Taiwan. My back went out there and I went to the emergency room and they immediately took an x-ray and found arthritis in my back which caused me the pain. They couldn't believe that no doctor in the States ever took an x-ray to see what was causing my back pain.

After years of back pain, I was laid up for a month because of knee pain. I went to the orthopedic doctor throughout the month and he couldn't find anything wrong in any test he took. I ended up again in emergency (different one) and the doctor there gave me a shot that started the healing process. But he suggested I go to the neurologist which I did. It turns out I have a herniated disk as well as the arthritis in my back. I still can't believe that the orthopedist never suggested I have a neurologist look at me.

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I'm still in the wishful thinking "This is just a fluke" stage. My DH suffers from two herniated discs and has had severe back spasms in the past. This is probably the only reason I knew I was having spasms and not something else. Of course now I have even more understanding of what he goes thru when his back is "out". I agree that back pain in general is hard to get care for. My husband works for doctors!

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It often is a fluke, Tre3. I just put up with too many years of recurring pain before getting help for it. Though, to my credit, it was mentioned at many doctors visits, and dismissed at many doctors visits. I'm just glad I know what is going on now, and my options for managing with it.

Wish it would go away and not come back though.

Do keep moving too, I know that has helped me. Even if I feel terrible a nice walk (or bike ride) does wonders.

Jean Marie

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Thanks Jean Marie. I am sorry you suffered for so many years. I will keep my fingers crossed. Movement is good. It is just the intial hours of the morning that are hard AND trying not to be too active as to give my muscles an opportunity to heal. The garden is calling. Right now I'm just looking!

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