Cost to repair plaster ceiling in kithen?

VaandjayApril 26, 2011

We had a pinhole leak above our gypsum plaster ceiling (house was built in 1949 and this may be the original ceiling material). Thankfully the leak was facing downwards, so the wood a few inches above the leak is largely dry and undamaged.

An adjuster is coming tomorrow to look at the damage. The plumbing repair isn't covered, but the kitchen ceiling repair would be if it exceeds the deductible. It's a small galley kitchen, but we live in an expensive metropolitan area (near Washington, DC). Our house isn't expensive but the repairs are. Any general thoughts on how to estimate the cost are appreciated.

Also, would there be lead and/or asbestos in the ceiling? I assume lead paint is likely as the house was built more than 60 years ago, but I'm not really sure. If some sort of certified expert would need to come in because of potential asbestos issues, I assume the cost would increase, but I know very little about any of this. Heck, I was just happy to find the main water valve and break open the ceiling to find the leak and stop any further damage.

Thanks for your insight.

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Lead pint is possible (lead paint was gloss paint).

Asbestos is not nearly as likely in old plaster.

You should be able to make a decent repair and just paint the ceiling.

Setting type joint compounds (Durabond and Easysand) will make an excellent repair.

What type of lathe is the plaster on?

Wood and expanded metal both were used.

If the lath was removed you can make a good repair using drywall as the base behind setting compound.

If you get a good surface finish the repair will not show once painted.

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plaster on lath in 1949 isn't typical. a sort of plaster wallboard was more common. can you elaborate about the ceiling construction? is the 'wood a few inches above...' strips of lath or framing? repair is quite different depending on what you have.

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