DS Cleans His Closet

Julie_MI_Z5March 19, 2006

Our oldest son, in college, came home yesterday with a crashed hard drive. I handed him the phone and told him to call tech support. He had no patience for the 30,000 questions you get before you get a person.

SO... Mama to the rescue! I told him I would deal with tech support if he would clean out his closet and pile up all the clothes he had no intention of ever wearing.

Results: 15 hangers were permanently freed. Another 8 were claimed by his brother. Four like-new shirts went in his dad's closet (for now.. his dad doesn't know that yet, LOL, but the boys thought he would like them). HALF THE CLOSET IS EMPTIED!

P.S. Computer is still broken, but I'm trying not to dwell on the bad part of the day, LOL. While I was on hold with tech support, I did manage to clear off the dining room table clutter!

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I get a lot of clutter cleaned up while I'm on hold. Having a speakerphone or headset frees up your hands and really makes productive time out of what would be utter uselessness!

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Julie - that is great! I have the hardest time with oldest ds to clean his room - I won't even mention his closet. One day I told him he had to toss everything he didn't wear anymore. Quite a bit!

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The clothes our high school son claimed aren't in his closet yet... he doesn't get the "new" ones until HE weeds through his old clothes. LOL He had already claimed a bunch of his brother's sweatshirts this winter.

I still need to schedule a trip to the Salvation Army this week. There's a big hefty bag sitting in my bedroom!

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