March organizing challenge #2

mommabirdMarch 18, 2013

Put away your winter gear! Snow boots, sleds, skis, etc - put it away neatly.

I leave all that out in the garage for easy access during winter. I don't really have room and it's in the way all winter. I look forward to this day all winter! The ski slope's last day was yesterday. That's my official end to winter! Today it's all going back into its designated spot in the storage room in the basement

Woo hoo! On to Spring!

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It is snowing right now... no way I can do that challenge.

Maybe in a few weeks....

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We have more than 3 feet of snow on the ground; the wind chill is minus 3, the wind is howling, the main highway to civilization is closed, and it's still snowing. My insulated boots are on the dryer and my "bird feeding gloves" are hung over the stove.

It was is so bad my DH, a Security Forces member on the base, was told to not try to get to work today.

May I be excused from this challenge for a while? LOL

I usually leave the full blizzard kit in the car until May 15, but we always get a good 2-3 day snow at the end of May.

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I was just working on doing that when I stopped here to take a little break. Winter is over in my part of Texas. I am sitting here in shorts and flip-flops. The redbuds, dogwoods and azaleas are blooming.
I spent part of the weekend washing winter clothing that I won't be using until probably November. I am rearranging my shoes and clothes because I don't like to look at winter items when it is hot outside. I took a blanket off the bed and will be using just a sheet and light quilt. I always look forward to this time of the year. Spring and Fall are the rewards for having survived a Texas Summer!

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Caroline, where on earth are you? Canada? Alaska? That's cold.

This morning as I type this, it's snowing. Work's been delayed for two hours, and we're supposed to call in again to see if there will be work or if they've decided to close the company for the day. We're supposed to get 6-10 inches of snow, then freezing rain. I won't be swapping out the winter/summer stuff until the end of April at the earliest.

I remember one year when a big snowstorm hit on April 28, and took down tree branches and power lines. No one was prepared for that one.

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It's raining today so I'm stuck inside. But once it dries out there are plenty of outside chores. Rake, weed, plan then plant my flowers and vegetables.

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Too early here too. Snow today and predicted for the next few days. My latest organizing challenge is to go thru a couple of poorly organized kitchen cupboards and come up with a better plan. I've done quite a bit and am pleased.

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I can't do this challenge as i don't have a garage! I do have a woodshed that is empty of wood on the one side & one of my spring chores is to go thru everything on the other side, sort, toss, & organize. Of course I seem to be doing that alot mom & I are going to have a big yard sale in June so I am always sorting & tossing. Not a great first day of spring snowed overnight & this morning so I decided to make a Rhubarb Tart...first time using a springform pan...hopefully it all works out!. Happy Spring everyone!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kraft Canada Rhubard tart

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Too early to do this? I'd never make it where y'all live.

I don't even own these items, so no need for me to pack them up. I do love the South.

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I love snow!! Of course only visit it, it doesn't visit me.

May I be excused too? I don't have any of those things. As a replacement challenge, I cleaned out and cleaned the pet drawers.

*I always remember our "departmental coat". On my job, 4 of us traveled extensively and none of us had a winter coat. We found a coat that worked for all of us, kept it in the supply room, and when one of us was traveling to cold weather, that person would check out the departmental coat.

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