Clothing Sort, Closet Purge, HELP!

lodaladyMarch 11, 2013

After unloading my closet yesterday, to update for the season, I wondered how do the pros do it? I removed what longer fits, or is no longer in style, and wondered what to do with the nonseasonal? My closet is a small walk-in and I have a job that requires suits and business clothes. We cruise annually, so I have swimsuits to formal wear. I lounge, so I have casual jammies and sweats to shorts and t's. Sweatshirt, jackets, winter coats, hats and gloves, tank tops, camis, shorts, jeans, dress pants....OMG it drives me nuts! It's not the only closet in the house, so I have more space and under the bed storage boxes, but when it is out of sight, it is out of mind.

I ask, how should I organize my closet so I can see what is in it and season appropriate? What are you thinking as you organize yours to be season appropriate? Where does the excess go? Any help at all may just save my sanity!

And what about purses and jewelry?

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Dress slacks, take-up a lot of my closet space. Do you hang yours over the hanger or by specific hangers? I'm currently using the plastic slacks clamp type hanger, which takes up space, fearful that hanging them over a hanger will leave wrinkles at the knees. What type of slacks hanger works well for you?

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I use the clamp pants hangers, too. If I fold pants over a hanger, they get wrinkled.

As for organizing--since you have the room, designate two clothes for your clothes. The walk-in in your bedroom for currently in use things, and another closet elsewhere for everything else. Put the clothes you use the most in the most accessible part of the closet in your bedroom. At a guess, you'd have a section for work clothes, a section for casual clothes and a section for lounging around the house clothes. Put the shoes you wear with these clothes in that closet. And any belts or scarves or other accessories.

In your spare closet elsewhere in the house, put out-of-season storage. Winter clothes in the summer, summer clothes in the winter. That will give you more space in your main closet year-round. Also create a section for those clothes that you only use on cruises. Put the shoes and other accessories that go with these clothes there as well.

Do you have a coat closet anywhere in the house? Put all the winter coats and any other outerwear there. Hats, gloves and scarves should go there, too, in bins or on shelves. Snow or rain boots go there, as well.

Then, twice a year, switch out the seasonal clothing. If you're like me, there are some clothes that get worn year 'round--jeans, tees, socks. Leave those alone, and move the rest. In the coat closet, move the winter stuff to the back and move the spring/summer stuff to the front, or vice versa.

If you need to put things in boxes in the closets--label the boxes. Either a written label or a picture of the contents.

I'd try to avoid lots of boxes--it's hard to see what's in them and, as you say, you tend to forget about them. If you can keep the bulk of your clothing in three closets--the one in your bedroom, the spare closet and the coat closet--you will have fewer places to look for clothing. You'll be able to see everything in each storage space at a glance.

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I am currently using under the bed containers, which I hate because of stuff being out of site. However, if I take over a closet that my husband is using, I can use stackable totes, and I love that idea! Wow, is my husband going to melt. It's interesting that he wears black sweatshirts everyday during the winter, yet needs two closets, a dresser and two wardrobes for his stuff. I think he know where I'm headed next, so the takeover may just blend in with this process. At least we will know what is stored under the bed!
Thanks for your feedback. I think I knew the extra closet would help, but hearing it made a difference.

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Well, I didn't mean you should steal a closet from your DH. Where will he put his clothes then?

I would suggest that both of you look at downsizing your wardrobes a bit. You have a walk-in closet and boxes under the bed. He has 2 closets, two wardrobes, and a dresser for his stuff.

In comparison, I have a 40" wide, 16" deep closet, a dresser and a shoe cabinet, plus 1/2 of the coat closet for my coats. While you probably need more clothes than I do because of the demands of your job and the cruising, do you need everything that you own?

If there's so much clothing that you forget completely about what you have, then maybe it is time to let some of it go.

Are you really wearing all those clothes on a regular basis?

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LOL, he is a clothes hog too. We both have more than we can wear in a season. However, he has clothes from he previous job but now he only wears sweatshirts during the winter. It will be okay, his closets will be next.
I'm hanging my hangers backwards so I know what I wear. I don't have that much for cruising only, we just don't have the opportunity to wear some items in this area. I do not like winter clothes, so this rearrangement is simple, next season's change will be the challenge.
I know I need to change my frame of mind when it comes to clothes, but you can't teach an old dog new tricks!

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What a purge! I removed clothes and returned what I can/will wear. I am amazed at what was scrunched into that small space. I've removed all winter clothes and moved them to a closet that I share with my husband and under the bed containers, that are now labeled. I sort what was left and took 30 items to the resale shop, filled a bag for my sister and one for my niece and have one large bag to donate to the local thrift store. Plus, I have a tub of winter clothes that will go to the resale store in the fall. Thanks Camlan for your suggestions. This small walk-in closet must be well designed, because there sure was a lot in it!

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