yet another what style is my house thread

civ_IV_fanApril 21, 2011

I've always called it a craftsman bungalow. however, based on the interior and the year built (1915), I'm starting to think of it as a transitional victorian / craftsman. Based on the exterior, would you call this pure arts and crafts or transitional?

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It's "bungaloid". As you are becoming aware, the details aren't pure enough to be actual A&C. The 6/1 windows and the closely spaced but otherwise plain railing and square columns would have been comfortable on any foursquare-era dwelling. Bungalow/traditional.

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Very pretty and beautiful yard!

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I love your house and garden.
However, I would make a certain change.
Take that small arched topped arbor and swap that big lovely arbor, over the main walkway to give more importance to your entry way.

Put a small picket gate where that big arbor is now.
And then, back at the corner of your porch, put that small round topped arbor, unless you could move it further back along the house. Having the larger thing in the foreground and the lesser thing further away, forces the perspective so you get the illusion or impression that there is more distance, your garden will look larger.

Anyway, that is my first impression from seeing just this much of your lovely garden.

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thanks everyone. bungaloid is a new word for me (still learning architecture).

tjt78 - thanks!

mocassinlanding - thanks for the compliments and i love the suggestions. we moved in recently so we are still working on things. I actually tore out the foundation plantings and am replacing them with something a little less formal.

also, you can't tell because of the perspective of the picture, but the large arbor is my neighbor's. i definitely want to replace my arbor, and my thought at the moment is a larger arbor with a flat top and the supports turned 90 degrees compared with the larger arbor in the picture. i struggle at describing it but i have a picture in my head at least.

Wonderful idea about moving the smaller arbor back. I have tossed around the idea of doing an informal pea gravel path along the side of the house to my back gardens and the arbor could go over that path back approximately behind the porch.

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Lovely home

I wondered if the dormer was done as a remodel/addition - windows are different than first floor windows.

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jejvtr - the dormer is not an addition or remodel and all the windows are original. the first floor windows as you can tell are maybe 30% larger so perhaps at the time six-over-one windows weren't common in that size...just speculating, honestly i hadn't thought about before (but now I am)

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Or the glass in the first floor window(s) had to be replaced for one reason or another over the years and someone decided a single pane would be cheaper than redoing some or all of the lights and did the other one so they would match?

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Nice house, Civ IV! I'd definitely say a craftsmanesque--not all craftsman houses are bungalows, though that was mostly the case. Depends on the interior trim details--and I can't tell enough from the pic regarding the front door. For a more proper bungalow, I'd expect some projecting rafter tails or brackets.

Regarding windows--I'd say the downstairs ones are original--my house built seven years earlier, has several different configurations in it's 'foursquare' style: my parlor has a triple front window, two narrow ones flanking a central wide one and the narrow ones are 6/1, while the center has diamond panes over 1. On the front second floor, all windows are 9/1, while the sides and rear are all 1/1 except the dining room bay, which repeats that of the parlor window, with two 1/1 forming the sides of the bay.

Just a pic of part of my interior column separating the hall and parlor. The cat was stolen, but I still have his sister-a tortie-seal point siamese.

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beautiful four square! i admire you for keeping up such a place, where you live is better for it.

and did you say someone STOLE your cat??

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Alas, Civ, yes. He didn't like the outside, but liked sitting by the screen doors or on windowsills. One August night, he came up to let me know it was dinner time, but I was finishing up on the computer, and didn't come right away--when I did, no Genghis. He always came when I called, but nothing. I discovered that the screen in the side door had been cut, so I assume he got nabbed--no way he could have done it himself and the doors were all locked.

He was a very great looking traditional seal point--they are much larger than modern siamese, and they must have thought he was valuable. Posters and an intensive search and classified ads turned up nothing.

His sister is a seal-tortie point (cream blotches scattered about randomly on her dark markings).

My younger cat is a classic seal an intermediate between the thin modern type, and the old stocky style which are coming back into popularity now. If you think of siamese, the classic is probably what you remember seeing as a kid rather than the skeletons breeders have today.

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columbus - so sorry to hear that. it must have been /continue to be heart wrenching :( people do the worst things sometimes.

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