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artmomMarch 10, 2006

I know we've posted places to find tips before but I always get a kick out of somebody else's ideas. There's always one or two I can steals and use. Anyone want to add to the list?

Here is a link that might be useful: hgtv top ten organizing tips

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My favorite is Talley-Sue's rule:
"First, do no harm."

I also do the easy-donate thing mentioned on that site. I have one of those collapsible mesh containers that I keep flat in the closet. When DD starts outgrowing things, I pop the container open and start stowing. When it's full, I cart it to Goodwill, and store the container flat again.

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What kind of boxes are these:
"Use plastic school pencil boxes with lids to organize your medicine cabinet. Sort all medicines by type and put them in the boxes.

And I like the idea of stashing stuff for the Goodwill right in the laundry room, but be sure to putthings in there AFTER you've washed them (and fold them sort of neatly so they don't get wrinkled). Thrift stores will toss out everything in the bag if it looks like one item in it is not clean.

I have been know to throw outgrown clothes away--if they're not in REALLY great shape (and my kids' clothes aren't anymore, now that they're not growing so fast anymore) and still in style (which my clothes usually aren't) and well made and fitting well (which is usually why I want to get rid of them; they fit funny).

i also toss 'em if it looks like I'm not getting to the Goodwill anytime soon--which is what it mostly looks like on my schedule. Ijust don't have that much room.

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I've had shoe pockets behind my doors for a long time now, and was just thinking I need to add one in the laundry room. I also use the medicine in school boxes idea, I use clear boxes so I don't have them labeled. It has helped a lot in keeping various OTC stuff on hand, since I always seem to need it in the middle of the night.

I've received a few compliments from friends who visit on this idea, so I guess it's a good one.
I have school supplies central in plastic drawers on wheels. There are shallow and deep drawers, and they all pull completely out to move to the work space. They are labeled. Every couple months they get cluttered and disarrayed, but it just takes 10 minutes to set them right again. I store it in the pantry, it fits under the lowest shelf, b/c it's right next to the kitchen table where a lot of this work gets done.
Some of the categories:
*extra supplies, notebook paper, folders, new boxes of crayons, so when they need a new something for the next day, I've usually got it on hand
*paper, one for contruction, one for lined
*Use it now supplies- pencils, pens, glue sticks, tape, scissors, stapler
*crayons (not new)
*markers, colored pencils
*craft supplies for projects - misc. felt, buttons, sequins, dry pasta, string, yarn. Just whatever odds and ends are worth saving for school projects.

So whatever the homework or project is, the kids know exactly where to find what they need. This is daily, always somebody working on something, so it was the most rewarding organizing project I've ever done! And it's been maintained for a few years now. Even when we moved, the movers shrink-wrapped the sets of drawers and they were ready to open and use again the first day in the new house.

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I wish my dd's toys could fit in 3 drawers :-)

I do like the suggestion about keeping a box in the laundry room - not only for clothes, either. It would be great to have a place I can quickly toss things for donation. The only problem it keeping dh's hands out of it - he hates getting rid of anything!

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1. Store things near where they are needed
2. Have only one home for like items
3. Put things back where they belong asap
4. If you live with others, label as much as possible
5. Reexamine overall storage scheme every few months
6. Use prime real estate (handy, accessible spots) for most used items
7. If a system isn't working (overdue library books?...) figure out where the weak link is and make it strong
8. Every activity has a zone (bathing or wrapping leftovers/lunches or paying bills or sleeping), keep the stuff you need for that activity in that zone
9. Get rid of stuff you don't need or love

  1. Get rid of more stuff
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1. Store things near where they are needed:

My real life instance of this. I needed vinegar in the basement laundry, as well as in the kitchen upstairs. I was constantly going up and down to get the vinegar and bring it where I needed it that day.

It hit me one day, HELLO! Vinegar is cheap. Buy an extra container, and keep one in the laundry AND one in the kitchen.

Such an easy eureka! has really helped simplify a small part of my life.

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Use Target wire/mesh cubes wherever possible in your home. I have them for crafts, toys, wrapping paper supplies and in our closet. You can configure them any way you can imagine. If you add a shelf to the cube you can make it stay in place by using zip ties.

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1. store things where they are used

I'm embarrassed to say that it took me years to set up a bill-paying box w/ stamps, envelopes, pens, address labels, checkbook. I still have to go in the other room to file, but I'm halfway there!

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I am using the back of my closet door only. I just realized all the unused vertical spaces in my home! Wow! That just added some real estate here! LOL!


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I bought scissors for my office, the kitchen,my sewing room ( in addition to the 'good' sewing ones) and the gift wrap supply box. I got them at the dollar store and they are pretty decent quality. Now I am not constantly looking for scissors ...put a roll of tape in all these places too.

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Melisa--you reminded me of my other big tip. get a really GOOD filing cabinet. Full-extension ball-bearing drawers. it is worth the extra money; don't skimp.

My mom got a filing cabinet when I was a kid, and I saw dramatic differences in how easy it was to find stuff. As a grownup, I'v'e never been without one.

But I absolutely LOVE my new one, w/ drawers that pull all the way out (so I can actually use the back 1/3), and even the extra depth to thedrawers. I spend about $160 at an office-supply place (not Staples). Best move I made in terms of storage, for a long time.

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